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Sign the ERS petition for a strong Tobacco Products Directive!

The European Respiratory Society Tobacco Control Committee invites everyone to sign its petition calling for the strongest possible Tobacco Products Directive – your signatures will be sent to all Members of the European Parliament. Approximately 700 000 EU citizens die prematurely every year because of tobacco consumption. Seize the opportunity to vote for the strongest health-protecting Directive possible A large proportion of these deaths are caused by respiratory diseases such (...)

Global Initiative - Don’t Touch the Spanish Tobacco Law

EPHA recently highlighted its serious concerns about the possible modification of Spanish anti-tobacco legislation which would allow smoking in the proposed Las Vegas Sand - Eurovegas casinos in Madrid. In line with the EPHA open letter, having the support of several international organisations, the XQNS Grassroots Movement for Public Health calls for further action in the framework of a Global Initiative to protect the Spanish anti-tobacco legislation. DON’T TOUCH SMOKE-FREE SPAIN (...)

Tobacco Products Directive - European Parliament Committee sides with people, not with tobacco industry

10 July, Brussels – Today, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have taken a significant step forward in the race against the massive harm that smoking causes to millions in Europe. In a vote on the revised EU Tobacco Product Directive (TPD), the European Parliament’s Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) supported stronger measures to prevent young Europeans from taking up smoking and encourage millions of smokers to quit. People living in (...)

[EPHA Open Letter] to Spanish Prime Minister - Smoking should be banned at "Eurovegas"

Dear Prime Minister Rajoy Brey, I am writing to you in response to reports that the Spanish government is considering modifying Spanish anti-tobacco legislation in order to allow smoking in the proposed Las Vegas Sand - Eurovegas casinos in Madrid. Brussels, 9 July 2013 -These reports have raised serious concerns amongst the European and Spanish public health community, especially in the light of the ongoing discussions on the revision of European legislation aiming at strengthening the (...)

Health priorities of the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU Council

The Lithuanian Presidency, which will be the last full EU Council presidency before the European elections of 2014, will focus its efforts in attaining a credible, growing and open Europe, building on the cooperation with its Trio partners. Lithuania will focus its efforts in the following health issues. The Lithuanian Priorities for health Advancing legislative initiatives Revision of the Tobacco Products Directive (high priority) Lithuania has confirmed its commitment to continue (...)

WHO consultation on climate change and health research priorities (July 19th)

WHO has launched the "Research priority setting exercise: Health and Climate Change Agenda 2015-2025" survey - a unique opportunity to contribute to the debate on climate change and health research priorities: air quality and respiratory disease, cardiovascular diseases and stroke, heat- and weather-related morbidity, mental health, food vector and water borne diseases. The deadline of this survey is July 19th (Friday). Summary of the research Climate change is now widely considered to (...)

[Joint press release] EU Presidencies’ statement shows firm leadership and commitment on tobacco

Ireland and Lithuania, the outgoing and incoming Presidencies of the Council of the European Union respectively, reaffirmed last week their strong support to the revised EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). In their statement (1), the Presidencies stress the window of opportunity that the current update of the TPD presents to prevent young Europeans from taking up smoking and encouraging millions of smokers to quit. Brussels, 27 June 2013 – As the Irish and Lithuanian Ministers of (...)

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – let’s talk about lung health!

Let’s give COPD Prevention Policy a breath of Fresh Air! The European COPD Coalition (ECC) organised a free spirometry test (lung capacity assessment) on 10 June at the European Commission headquarters (Berlaymont building ,Brussels) - an awareness raising initiative that benefited from the support and participation of Mr Tonio Borg, EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy. Check your lungs’ health June 21, 2013 - As EPHA reported on 10 June, the European COPD (...)

[Press release] EU Health Ministers need to agree on strong tobacco policy and stop 650,000 Europeans from dying each year

20 June 2013, Brussels - Europe pays a hefty price for its slow action on tobacco, both in economic costs and harm to its citizens’ health and well-being (1). Tomorrow, EU Health Ministers will meet to agree a common position on the revised, smarter Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) (2) “A majority of Europeans support tobacco control policies (3). They deserve a strong commitment both from the EU Health Ministers and the outgoing and upcoming rotating presidencies of the EU - (...)

EPHA and Public Health NGOs call for an updated EU Tobacco Products Directive

On 18 June EPHA, together with eight public health organisations, co-signed a public statement on the proposal for a revision of the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). The signatories urge European leaders to ensure that the TPD is speedily reviewed and updated. The letter reads as follows: As representatives of leading health, medical and non-governmental organisations we urge European leaders to ensure that the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive is speedily reviewed and updated. (...)

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