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New RCP article highlights projected impact of minimum prices for alcohol

Since the publication of a report by the Chief Medical Officer for England in 2001, showing a ninefold increase in cirrhosis in 25–44 year olds in the previous 30 years, there has been increasing concern in the UK about the harm to health caused by alcohol. A new article in the Journal of the Royal College of Physicians looks at Britain’s alcohol market and specifically how minimum alcohol prices could stop moderate drinkers subsidising those drinking at hazardous and harmful (...)
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New European Parliament faces tough challenge on health

The newly elected Members of the European Parliament will play a key role in ensuring that health is high on the agenda and that it fits with citizens’ high expectations. This role will be even reinforced should the Lisbon Treaty enters into force. Here are some key policy challenges for the upcoming legislative term. Promoting a health-friendly EU environment Civil Society Organisations must be recognised as essential partners and the role of ‘health advocates’ in (...)

EPHA hosts seminar at the Swedish Presidency Alcohol Expert Conference

On 22 September, EPHA hosted a seminar on pricing issues and the link to alcohol-related harm within the framework of the expert conference on alcohol and health. The seminar welcomed expert speakers Dr. Nick Sheron and Jack Law for a discussion of the role that pricing policy for alcoholic beverages can play in helping to reduce alcohol-related harm in the European Union and beyond. Representative of the Royal College of Physicians at the European Alcohol and Health Forum and Consultant (...)

Spotlight on Alcohol Focus Scotland (AFS)

Who are we? Alcohol Focus Scotland (AFS) is the national charity for alcohol issues, established in the early 1970’s as the Scottish Council on Alcohol (SCA) and becoming Alcohol Focus Scotland in 2001. Who do we represent? Our membership is drawn from a wide range of individuals and agencies from the voluntary and statutory sectors. What is our mission? To improve the quality of people’s lives by changing Scotland’s drinking culture - promoting responsible drinking (...)

EPHA position paper on Food Labelling

In response to the European Commission’s Proposal for a Regulation on the Provision of Food Information to Consumers, EPHA has developed a position with input from its members. EPHA recommends a mandatory European labelling scheme on the front and back of pack, with a traffic light system providing an intepretative element to help consumers make the healthiest choice. Background on the Commission proposal The new proposal combines two Directives (Dir 2000/13/EC and Dir 90/496/EEC) (...)

*Updated* Eurocare to co-host alcohol and pregnancy conference- 9 September 2009, Brussels

Eurocare is to co-organise a conference with the Swedish Presidency of the European Union to mark International Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Day. *Updated* with conference invitation and registration form Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is the leading known cause of birth defects and developmental disorders in the EU. It affects about 1% of people in the EU27 (i.e. nearly 5 million people) and is the only one that is 100% preventable. Unfortunately, many women are not (...)

Health and Europe Centre to host ’WASTED: An International Conference on Alcohol and Young People’

The Health and Europe Centre has announced that registration is now open for WASTED: An International Conference on Alcohol and Young People, which will take place at The Ashford International Hotel, Ashford, Kent on 20th November 2009. The conference will provide examples of interventions trialled in a range of settings in the UK, Europe and North America, which have shown promising results in reducing alcohol consumption amongst children and young people. Speakers will include Tony (...)

Alcohol Focus Scotland

Contact Details Mr Jack LAW Chief Executive 166 Buchanan Street UK-Glasgow, Scotland G1 2LW Phone +44 141 5726700 Fax +44 141 3331606 Email Contacts jack.law@alcohol-focus-scotland.org.uk Website http://www.alcohol-focus-scotland.org.uk/

WHO Conducts a Hearing on Ways of Reducing Harmful Use of Alcohol

Each year, more than two million people die from alcohol-related causes. WHO was asked by its Member States in May at the World Health Assembly to develop a global strategy to combat the harmful use of alcohol. All parties with an interest in reducing the harmful use of alcohol are now invited to share their views in a public hearing being organized by WHO. The one-month web-based hearing will run between 3 and 31 October. "The harmful use of alcohol is a leading risk factor for premature (...)

European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare)

(Previously European Council for Alcohol Research Rehabilitation and Education) Contact Details Ms. Mariann SKAR Secretary General 96, rue des Confédérés B - 1000 BRUSSELS BELGIUM Phone +32 2 7360572 Fax +32 2 7367351 Email Contact mariann.skar@eurocare.org Website http://www.eurocare.org Eurocare (European Alcohol Policy Alliance) was formed in 1990, as an alliance of voluntary and non-governmental organizations representing a diversity of views and cultural attitudes concerned (...)

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