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Press Release: Alcohol - Self- regulation is not an answer

Against the European Alcohol and Health Forum which took place on the 26 April 2012, 28 civil society organisations strongly called for regulatory measures to protect consumers against alcohol related-harm. Joint Press Release It cannot be left to the producers of a harmful product to decide how, when and where it will be marketed. Policy makers must not rely on self-regulation, but rather follow through statutory measures aimed at protecting consumers. Last week, major producers from (...)

Extend healthy life years by tackling chronic diseases in a life-course approach

The current prospects and hopes for a healthy and active ageing have been weakened by the incidence of chronic diseases reaching epidemic proportions. ’Never too early - Tackling chronic disease to extend healthy life years,’ a recently-launched report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, makes a case for preventing and tackling such diseases from childhood to ageing. Given today’s dominant EU paradigm -with an emphasis put on healthy ageing, including the European (...)

Press release: Alcohol minimum pricing in the UK: will the EU follow up?

The UK has introduced minimum pricing for alcoholic beverages, which is supported by public health evidence and a move supported by many public health organizations. EPHA encourages the European Commission to propose an EU level minimum pricing in its future EU Alcohol Strategy. ***PRESS RELEASE*** Brussels, 23 03 2012 Alcohol minimum pricing in the UK: will the EU follow up? Today, 23 March 2012, the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) Europe’s leading NGO advocating for (...)

"Brewers’ Pledge is nothing but a Public Affairs exercise" says EPHA

On the occasion of an event in the European Parliament marking the Brewers’ of Europe’s "Brewers’ Pledge" EPHA has issued a reaction, expressing our scepticism at the ability of modern technology and self regulation to tackle the enormous harms caused by alcohol misuse in Europe. EPHA has released the following comments today (28 February 2012) on the occasion of an event organised by the Brewers’ of Europe launching what they have called the ’Brewers’ (...)

Exposure to alcohol brands in movies increases binge drinking, show researchers

"The more adolescents are exposed to films where characters consume large amounts of alcohol, the more they are likely to start drinking or progress to binge drinking" says the last BMJ Study on the impact of alcohol exposure in movies and in family settings. The results of the study echo previous studies and reinforce the need to increase efforts in alcohol exposure, notably for children and adolescents. The British Medical Journal published the results of a study conducted with a group (...)

EPHA Open Letter to the Ministers for Health of Ireland and Northern Ireland on Alcohol Minimum Pricing

EPHA wrote to the Ministers of Health for Ireland and Northern Ireland following on from the announcement made at the first North/South Conference on alcohol misuse where both Ministers committed to collaboratively tackle the burden of alcohol abuse, notably through action on its affordability, accessibility and availability. On 6 February 2012, EPHA wrote to the Ministers of Health for Ireland and Northern Ireland in response to the announcement made at the first North/South Conference on (...)

68 NGOs call of a new EU alcohol strategy

Under Eurocare’s leadership, 68 international, European and National NGOs (including EPHA) joined forces to call for a comprehensive Alcohol Policy Strategy in the European Union 2013-2020. The current EU Alcohol Strategy is due to end in 2012. 68 NGOs going much beyond health-related organisations, sent an open letter to Ministers of Health in Europe to acknowledge the need for a comprehensive alcohol policy framework. The Committee on National Alcohol Policy and Action is meeting (...)

2012 EU Health Calls for proposals released

The European Commission released the work plan 2012 for the Health Programme. The deadline for the submission of proposals is 9 March 2012. The work plan sets out activities that the European Commission may co-fund in the field of health. The deadline for submission of proposals is 9 March 2012. information on how to apply for EU co-financing for projects, conferences, joint actions with Member States and operating grants for non-governmental organisations. 2012 budget for Projects: (...)

New report on Diet, Physical Activity and Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) Prevention in Europe

The European Heart Network - an EPHA member - publishes a report on Diet, Physical Activity and Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) Prevention in Europe, which represents the most up to date review of the evidence on the relationship between CVDs and nutrition and physical activity. The report shows that: the cost of CVD in the EU is estimated at 192 billion Euros. 12 000 Europeans die every day due to heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular diseases. It highlights proposals for (...)

Health ministers ’could have been stronger’ on health equity

On 1-2 December 2011, the Council adopted Conclusions entitled "Closing health gaps within the EU through concerted action to promote healthy lifestyle behaviours". EPHA considers that the Conclusions fall short on concrete objectives and targets that the current economic challenges would require, and the Council could have been stronger in its approach to tackling the problem. The Council of the European Union adopted, during its 1-2 December 2011 session, conclusions entitled "Closing (...)

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