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Towards an effective implementation and delivery of the Health 2020 strategy in times of austerity

In September, EPHA was invited to deliver a statement to the 62nd session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe. Building on the statement last year that partnership with civil society - both within and outside of the health sector- is crucial to the success of the Health 2020 Strategy the statement this year focused on the financial crisis and the confirmation of EPHA’s commitment to promoting better health outcomes. September 2012 - As a result of past investments in health, (...)

EPHA Press Release: MEP hearing to undermine Scottish Minimum Alcohol Pricing

The Scottish Member of the European Parliament (MEP), Struan Stevenson (ECR) is convening today (Sept. 12) an event in Strasbourg to discuss the Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) on alcohol approved by the Scottish Parliament in May (1), and its alleged potential impact on trade. The gathering appears to be an ’industry convention’ and therefore an unbalanced attempt to mislead participants on the legality of the proposal, diverting attention from the benefits that a MUP on alcohol (...)

European Commission’s EU Youth Report 2012 prioritises health and well-being of young people

The statistics are bleak. Youth unemployment in the EU among 15-24-year-olds has increased by 50% since the beginning of the economic crisis and are now 22.5% on average. Latest figures released by Eurostat show that highest rates are in Greece (53.8%) and Spain (52.9%). Since the first Report in 2009 a number of policies aimed at youth were introduced. In addition to employment and social inclusion, the Youth Report 2012 (produced every three years by the EU Commission) calls for health (...)

Eurocare publishes its recommendations on a future Alcohol Strategy

The European Commission is currently evaluating the European Alcohol Strategy to support Member States in reducing alcohol-related harm. Eurocare An EPHA member expert on alcohol-related issues, has published their recommendations on a future EU Alcohol Strategy, covering the period 2013-2020. The recommendations are formulated around a number of priority areas: regulation of marketing, price and taxation, consumer protection including consumer information, public safety and harm (...)

Alcohol advertising to be banned in Russia

The Russian Federation has just passed a bill banning alcohol advertising on a broad range of platforms. The public health community strongly welcomes the move. In an attempt to curb Russia’s chronic alcohol abuse problems (the country has double the WHO critical level of use) the State Duma, Russia’s lower house, passed in mid-July a bill restricting alcohol advertising on a wide range of platforms. This measure will be implemented in a two-fold process: Since 23rd July 2012 (...)

Alcohol harms you, others and the society - why does Europe need an alcohol strategy? 27 June 2012, European Parliament, Brussels

The European Alcohol Policy Alliance, Eurocare invites you to an event on the future of EU Alcohol Strategy on the 27th of June 2012. The European Alcohol Policy Alliance, Eurocare, invites you to an event on the future of EU Alcohol Strategy, organised in cooperation with Eurohealthnet, European Transport Safety Council, European Council Leagues and kindly hosted by Anna Hedh MEP (S&D, Sweden). Date: 27th June Time: 9h00 till 12h00 Place: European Parliament, Brussels Register for (...)

EPHA Media Reaction - Scotland backs minimum alcohol price

The Scottish Parliament overwhelmingly passed a bill yesterday introducing a 0.50£ (0.63€) minimum price for a unit of alcohol. Cut-price alcohol beverages will be outlawed in Scotland from as early as April next year. The measure is expected to reduce binge drinking, having a positive impact on the region’s health and crime levels. As Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish health secretary says “it will help Scotland achieve a ’cultural shift’ in its unhealthy (...)

EPHA Press Release: EP report on rights of vulnerable consumers- an opportunity missed

The European Parliament (EP) report (1), on the rights of vulnerable consumers passed last Tuesday, May 22. It calls on the Commission to get rid of its flawed course to protect young people from the might of food and beverages advertising. Yet, the EP still seems disappointedly cautious in prioritising consumers above the corporative interests of these industries. Brussels, May (...)

1st Report on the implementation of the Audiovidual Media Service Directive finally out!

Last 7 May 2012, the European Commission released the long awaited report on the implementation of the Audiovisual Media Service Directive. Focus on the implementation of the provisions related to the advertising of alcohol and food, advertising targeting children and other commercial communications over the period 2009-2010. On 7 May 2012, the European Commission released the long awaited first report on the implementation of the Audiovisual Media Service Directive for the period (...)

"Living longer, better" - European Conference on Chronic Diseases - 11 May 2012.

On the 11 May, the European COPD Coalition organises a Conference on the EU reflection process on chronic diseases, entitled ’Living Longer, better’ - in parternship with EHN, ECCO, ERS and IDF Europe - EPHA members. Venue: Mundo B building, Rue d’Edimbourg 26, 1040 Brussels When: Friday 11 May (following the EU Health Policy Forum), from 10.00 to 16.00 including a lunch break (sandwich lunch is provided) Objective of the Conference: This will be a unique opportunity (...)

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