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Good practice in ethical international recruitment at Calaraşi County Emergency Hospital (Romania)

Since EU accession in 2007 Romania and Bulgaria have struggled to retain qualified health professionals. Doctors and nurses in particular have been leaving in significant numbers. Given the impacts of out-migration on health system sustainability and access to healthcare, the initiative taken by a regional hospital in Southern Romania has been highlighted by the Health Workers For All project as good practice in effective cross-border cooperation. Long-term planning and the use of (...)
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[EPHA position paper] Reforming Health Sy­stems in Times of Austerity

Amidst the backdrop of the economic crisis and countries being recommended to reform health systems to achieve better public administrations and fiscal consolidation, EPHA launches its position on health system reforms. This position includes lessons learned and recommendations for equality.

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EPHA service

[Update] Audiovisual Media Service Directive Implementation report adopted by the European Parliament 7th EAP- General Action Programme - THE 7TH ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAMME (EAP) (updated on 18 March 2013) Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) – EP report - EU-wide plan to tackle the proliferation of AMR (updated on 7 November 2013) CAP reform – new regulations - Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) revision for 2014-2020 (updated on 5 April 2013) Car noise pollution - new EU (...)
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First EU Single Market Forum impacts on professional qualifications and public procurement

The Single Market Forum held in Cracow on 2-4 October dealt with a number of health system issues that EPHA has been actively involved in - resulting in a declaration which echoes most of EPHA’s viewpoints. Organised jointly by the European Parliament, the Polish Presidency and the European Commission, the first Single Market Forum (SMF) was held in Cracow, Poland on 2-4 October 2011. Prior to the start of the Single Market Forum and in the light of these discussions, EPHA had (...)
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Highlights from the 2011 World Health Assembly

The 64th World Health Assembly took place in Geneva from the 16th to the 24th of May. A total number of 28 resolutions and three decisions were adopted, among which some were characterized as ‘historical’. Introduction The Conference lasted for 8 days, and was introduced by the opening speeches from Dr Margaret Chan Director-General of the WHO (speech), Sheikh Hasina Prime Minister of Bangladesh (speech), and Bill Gates co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (...)
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Council Conclusions on investing in Europe’s health workforce of tomorrow: Scope for innovation and collaboration

At its 3053rd Employment, Social Policy Health and Consumer Affairs Council meeting on 7 December 2010, the Council of the European Union debated and adopted a number of conclusions related to the European health workforce. The recommendations brought forward are presented in this article. The Council adopted the following conclusions: "The Council of the European Union: 1. RECALLS that under Article 168 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, Union action is to (...)
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EU workforce for health - experiences from the front line

On 27 October 2010 EPHA co-organised an event in the European Parliament that highlighted the problems that the health workforce experiences when working in different Member States. The event provided a forum to discuss the shortage of health professionals and its potential impact. Speakers and participants agreed that it was timely and urged policy makers to take action. To highlight the importance of taking into account the EU Workforce for Health in the EU sphere, EPHA joined forces (...)
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EU HEALTH WORKFORCE “WHO TAKES CARE OF THOSE WHO CARE? - Putting a Human Face to EU Policy-making”

EPHA PRESS RELEASE ***For immediate release*** Brussels, 25 October 2010 Adequate and sustainable EU Workforce for Health is a crucial issue for Europe of today and of tomorrow where rapid changes in demographic, ageing population, widening health inequalities and changing disease patterns place additional burden on the already stretched European health systems. Health professionals – all those who care for health and well-being of European citizens on a daily basis need to be (...)
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How does European trade policy impact on public health?

Belgian organisation "Action Platform for Health and Solidarity" organised a conference in the Belgian Senate to debate the impact of European trade policy on public health from a global perspective. This intervenes in a context in which the free trade agreements the European Union is negotiating with countries in the South can threaten the right to health. The Belgian Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence organised a conference on the impact of European trade policy on (...)
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WHO adopts resolution on international recruitment of health personnel: draft global code of practice

On 20 May 2010, at the 63rd World Health Assembly, health ministers agreed to adopt the voluntary Code of Practice. Current unregulated large-scale migration can have a devastating impact on the health systems of source countries - many of these fragile and developing countries. Therefore, since 2004 the WHO Member States have been developing a Code of Practice on the international recruitment of health personnel. In 2008 the first draft was presented for stakeholders` comments, and on 20 (...)
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