This expert group will execute several tasks in the field of cancer. Firstly, the expert group will assist with drawing up legal instruments, policy documents, guidelines and recommendations on cancer control. It will also help prepare guidelines on cancer data, including epidemiology, early detection and cancer screening, quality assurance procedures in cancer management and preventive aspects, as well as on cross cutting themes related to cancer.

In addition, the expert group will fulfil an advisory role by providing the Commission with guidance on different issues, such as the monitoring, evaluation and dissemination of the results of measures taken at Union and national level, as well as on international cooperation. It will also advise the Commission in the implementation of Union actions and suggest improvements to the measures taken. The group will look at Union and national policies and provide an overview to the Commission.

Last but not least, the expert group will also carry out tasks where the primary recipients are Member States. It will take the lead in the coordination and exchange of information between Member States. It will also gathering information on relevant experience, policies and practices of the Member States and the various parties involved.

The expert group will carry out all the tasks which fall under its mandate at the request of the Commission.

Members of the expert group will include representatives of EU, EEA and EFTA countries and active stakeholders in the field of cancer (e.g.patients’ organisations, organisations active in cancer prevention, European professional or scientific associations). Once the call for expressions of interests is launched (this will happen shortly), suitable candidates will be selected and appointed by Ms Testori Coggi, Director-General for Health and Consumers. The term of office of members of the expert group will be three years and can be renewed.

All guideline document produced by the expert group will be publicly available.

Decision establishing a Commission expert group on cancer control is available.

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Last modified on June 19 2014.