The AIMS of this conference are to review the status of diet-related ill health, determine the impact that existing global food systems have on health, and then explore policies that could effectively promote health and well-being and support global food systems which are environmentally, culturally and socially sustainable.

To achieve this, the OBJECTIVES of the conference are to:

- Characterise, discuss and agree what is meant by healthy diets and food systems;

- Identify the major global drivers that shape current global food systems;

- Explore how to put health and well-being first amongst the drivers for global food systems;

- Address this major global challenge by refocusing our approach to public health; and

- Review initial political and policy successes, and examine options for a healthier future.

In hosting this conference the Association has two AIMS:

1) To move the agenda forward from our Rio2012 World Nutrition Congress.

2) To assert our responsibilities in global public health nutrition and play a key role in building the foundations for healthy populations.

We believe that HEALTHY FOOD SYSTEMS are fundamental to global health and well being. Given the complexities that shape our food supply systems, it is clear that individuals and even countries are not able to resist and control many of the harmful forces that currently support and promote unhealthy diets. It will only be through concerted, collective, global public action that we can positively shape future food systems so they are driven by what is best for the health and well-being of the planet and its people.

The Association sees this meeting as the first step in a process. By the end of the meeting, we want to be a lot clearer about what we know and don’t know, and what we need to do next to achieve our vision.

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Welcome letter by Barrie Margetts, WPHNA President


Last modified on June 9 2014.