In this report, Doctors of the World presents its observations for 2013 on the social determinants of health and the health status of patients who have received support from 25 of MdM’s 160 European programmes providing access to healthcare.

In 2013, 29,400 consultations provided to 16,881 patients were analysed; 15,445 were medical consultations across 25 cities in eight European countries. The quantitative analyses are supported by case studies provided by the local teams.

This year MdM wants to reiterate the need for unconditional access to both antenatal care for pregnant women and to essential childhood vaccinations, neither of which are currently universally guaranteed. This amounts to a denial of rights which goes against basic human rights, international conventions and respect for the fundamental principles of public health.

The report, the infographic and the 3 videos (on Germany, Greece and UK) that accompany the report are now available in English, French and Spanish on the MdM blog:

- Download the report (in English) - “Access to Healthcare in Europe in times of Crisis and rising Xenophobia” (pdf)

- Download the report (in French) - “L’accès aux soins des plus précaires dans une Europe en crise sociale” (pdf)

- Download the report (in Spanish) - “El acceso a la sanidad de las personas en situación de mayor precariedad en una Europa en crisis social” (pdf)

Photo: ©MdM website

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Last modified on May 26 2014.