The European Policy Action Network on Diabetes (ExPAND) was created in November 2011 and gathers European and national parliamentarians, as well as leading diabetes stakeholders from across Europe, such as patients and clinicians associations (IDF Europe is one of them for instance). ExPAND aims at raising the profile of diabetes in national policies. The network is chaired by Adrian Sanders, a British Member of Parliament and President of the International Diabetes Federation Parliamentarians for Diabetes Global Network.

The ExPAND Policy Toolkit on Diabetes

ExPAND members have worked together over the last 12 months to issue this Policy Toolkit on Diabetes, which is the single leading diabetes policy resource in Europe. It is specifically addressed to national Members of Parliament to establish diabetes as a policy priority.

The toolkit focuses around 7 priority areas for action:

-  A whole population approach
-  Prevention and screening
-  Multidisciplinary care
-  Patient empowerment
-  Innovation and access to care
-  Children in schools
-  Older people

When it comes to the document itself, a comprehensive approach has been adopted. The navigation throughout the toolkit is very easy, colours and large icons making it very attractive. Also, the document embraces a very clear structure as each priority area for action is organised in a similar way:

-  First, the essential briefing includes a call to action from one of the ExPAND members, a 30 second summary of key facts, and gives a shortlist of tangible avenues for change.
-  The summary of evidence is a more detailed brief on the leading clinical evidence and best practice, including messages on why the topic is important and what is known.
-  Then, the key issues to think about offering practical advice based on lessons learnt by early adopters.
-  The section "Whom to involve" provides suggestions about whom MPs might to talk to when building a new alliance for change.
-  The case studies are practical examples of what has worked elsewhere.
-  Questions and answers help MPs prepare for challenging debates in a competitive policy environment.
-  Lastly, full references and resources link readers to the leading scientific evidence and supporting literature.

In addition, this toolkit is accessible to everyone, from the beginner starting from scratch to the specialist who is familiar with diabetes issues. Indeed, the last section "Useful resources" provides very interesting information to fully understand all the components of diabetes.

- ExPAND Policy Toolkit on Diabetes. To enjoy its full functionality, don’t forget to save the PDF document on your computer before viewing it!

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Last modified on April 19 2014.