The Forum, which aims at providing scientific advice and guidance on matters under alcohol research, has been inactive for about two years.

However, we believe that the EAHF can play an important role in breaking through the status quo by stimulating discussions between forum members, for instance by identifying European research priorities that could potentially be included in the Horizon 2020 Programme.

Recommendations for the future tasks and structure of the Science Group:

  • A new call for experts should be launched to refresh the reserve list and fill up the empty seats in the Science Group. The last call dates from January 2008 and the successful candidates following that call may no longer be available or interested in conducting work for the EAHF. Moreover, many new scientists/experts in the field deserve a chance to apply for a position in the Group.
  • The current workload may be too heavy for the group members and (additional) financial means should be made available for calling on external research institutes to support the work of the Group. This measure should be implemented in addition to the possibility to form a working group with the help of experts on the reserve list.

Proposed future tasks:

  • Identify European research priorities that would potentially be included in the Horizon 2020 programme. This exercise should be done in close coordination with research, scientific and policy oriented organisations active in the prevention and treatment of alcohol related harm.
  • To contribute to reducing the many current gaps in alcohol research, smaller, or occasionally, even larger research tasks should be assigned to the Science Group directly.
  • To continue providing scientific opinions to the EAHF on the basis of existing research studies.
  • To be a scientific broker for discussions within the EAHF.
  • To be proactive and also monitor and communicate newly conducted research relevant for the alcohol field to the EAHF.

- NGO comments on the future of the Science Group

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Last modified on April 3 2014.