The European Parliament,

– having regard to Rule 120 of its Rules of Procedure,

A. whereas the right to health, meaning complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, has been recognised by the WHO from the launch in 1997 of its ’Health for All’ strategy;

B. whereas access to healthcare for children may be hampered if their parents cannot afford it;

C. whereas a recent comparative paediatric statistical survey has identified the social and economic situation of mothers as a key factor in the assessment developmental risk and marginalisation; whereas the offspring of women whose unfavourable social and economic situation makes it harder for them to obtain access to healthcare during pregnancy are at an increased risk of disease;

D. whereas financial difficulties facing parents could have even worse consequences for children or new-borns, including even possible abandonment;

1. Calls on the Commission to make recommendations regarding guaranteed access to healthcare during pregnancy and childbirth on a fair and equal basis;

2. Calls on the Member States to disseminate and exchange good practices with regard to financial and medical assistance, guaranteeing equal access to healthcare for children.

- Motion for a European Parliament resolution on equal access to healthcare for children.

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Last modified on February 28 2014.