The NOURISHING Framework was developed by WCRF International in order to:

1. Formalise a comprehensive package of policies to promote healthier eating and prevent obesity and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) that is applicable globally;

2. Provide options within the framework that allow policy-makers flexibility to shape a response suitable for their national/local contexts and target populations;

3. Establish a framework for reporting, categorising and monitoring policy actions around the world, and through which the policy evidence can be systematically categorised, updated, interpreted and then communicated.

The NOURISHING Framework places policies into three broad and interlinked domains: food environment, food systems and behaviour change communication. The evidence shows that each domain is important in influencing how and what we eat.

- Food environments are the combined conditions and circumstances in which people develop their eating behaviours and make their food choices – as such they are a significant influence on what we eat.

- Food systems underpin food environments and, through their effects on culture and social norms, influence behaviours.

- Behaviour change communication is necessary to enable people to better respond to changes in the environment, and demand change.

Across the three domains, there are ten policy areas. To develop an effective response to unhealthy eating, governments should implement policy actions from all of the ten policy areas. These actions can be developed and implemented to fit their regional, national or local contexts and populations.

- WCRF International Food Policy Framework for Healthy Diets: NOURISHING.

- More information on the World Cancer Research International can be found here.

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Last modified on February 28 2014.