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Lithuanian Health forum 2013 will contribute to the reflection process on modern, responsive and sustainable health systems, which is the main non-legislative initiative of the Ministry of Health for the Presidency.

The Sustainable Health Systems for Inclusive Growth in Europe conference is organised together with the European organisations: the European Public Health Alliance, the European Patient Forum and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations.

The Conference will feature four thematic sessions:

Session I (opening plenary) "Sustainable health systems: visions and strategies" will focus on the ways to ensure the sustainability of health systems. This session will highlight equitable access to high quality health care services in circumstances of scarce economic and other resources as a key question, which is crucial for the future economic and social landscape of Europe. This session will also address universality, equity and solidarity as core values of health systems and will stress the importance of evidence-based policy-making.

Session II - "Sustainable economic growth through better health" will highlight the major economic role of the health sector, aiming to shift health from being regarded as just an expenditure to being an acknowledged contributor of sustainable economic growth. The session will bring the practical options for finance reform in health care to adequately respond to society’s growing and changing health needs particularly due to ageing population, rapid technology diffusion and growing costs of health care. It will also stimulate the debate on empowering the individuals to change and sustain healthy behaviour.

Session III - "Taking stock: health and health care inequalities in Europe" will address the unequal health of Europeans and its main determinants: socio–economic factors, unhealthy lifestyle, physical and working environment. It will emphasise the urgency for Governments and regional authorities to play a leading role in developing effective, health policy-driven approaches to adequately address macroeconomic challenges and health and societal challenges. Session will also highlight the negative impact of austerity measures on population health and access to high quality health care services.

At the second half of this Session III, Monika Kosińska, Secretary General of the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), will participate in one of its two parallel sessions (11:00-12:00) entitled “Determinants of health inequalities”

Session IV - "Improving health-system productivity: scope for reform" will emphasise importance of wise use of the financial contributions of taxpayers, insurers, employers, patients, and other payers and will search for the ways to improve it. Session will stimulate the discussions on addressing inequalities through health systems and will highlight the importance of innovation for growth.

Session V (closing plenary) "Sustainable health systems for the future" will be aimed at adding value to the results of the conference with the feedback from the main stakeholders and the major events: European Public Health Alliance Conference, European Health Forum Gastein, and WHO Ministerial Conference in Tallinn, which all will be very relevant to the Presidency conference. The Conference will be closed by the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania Mr. Vytenis Povilas Andriukaitis.

-  AGENDA [Lithuanian Health Forum 2013] Sustainable Health Systems for Inclusive Growth in Europe

Last modified on November 26 2013.