In this letter, the signatory organisations stated that " any publicly funded medical product -be it a drug, vaccine or medical diagnostic- should be accessible throughout the world at an affordable price."

In order to make that happen, Socially Responsible Licensing (SRL) has proven to be an effective tool that helps maximise the affordability of medical products, while safeguarding the interest of research institutions and holders of intellectual property. SRL refers to licensing conditions that seek to generate the highest possible social benefit from publicly funded research.

Embracing SRL as part of Horizon 2020 would increase the global public health impact of EU funded research. Therefore, the signatory organisations stress the need to promote SRL practices and to include the last ones in the Horizon 2020 Rules of Participation.

They also strongly urge the European Commission and the European Council representatives in the trialogue to adopt amendments proposed by the European Parliament Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) in Christian Ehler MEP (EPP, Germany) report on the rules for the participation ad dissemination in horizon 2020 (A7-0428/2012, 19.12.2012)

Without such provisions promoting responsible licensing, the EU would continue to lag behind the United States in terms of encouraging socially responsible licensing strategies.

- Open letter on Letter to the participants of the trialogue negotiations on the EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020) Horizon 2020

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Last modified on June 21 2013.