- [CECODHAS Colloquium, 24-25 June, Leuven -Conference’s programme

Colloquium‘s objective: to look at Europe’s social contract from an outside perspective

Housing is one of the pillars of social protection systems as developed, in varying degrees, in most EU countries. The European Union (EU) next integration phase, as set in the proposals for a Economic and Monetary Union from the Commission in November 2012, aimed at reaching a full fiscal and economic Union. This implies the implementation of further social policies. This two day event aims at discussing the current welfare changes and future challenges to ensure decent living conditions for all, particularly in regards to access to housing.

Proposed method

CECODHAS Housing Europe will gather expertise, examples and ideas from within and outside the sector to challenge participants’ mind-sets about affordable housing and encourage them to think outside the box. Participants will gain a new set of skills to help them shape their future work as well as housing policies across Europe.

Rationale behind

The cost and quality of housing are a key determinant of living standards and well-being, especially for the most vulnerable people. A more balanced housing market, including the provision of affordable rental housing, are needed for stable economies. Energy efficiency of the housing stock, as well as the use of renewable energies at home, are key to sustainable development but should also be an integral part of future welfare systems.

Who should attend?

The colloquium will bring together practitioners, political decision-makers, academics and professionals involved in the housing sector who are keen to know more about current trends and future challenges.

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Last modified on June 16 2013.