Nearly 200 stakeholders , including national, European and international NGOs and networks, researchers, doctors, professional associations, medical society, national parliamentarians and members of the European Parliament have signed a call to underline the necessity of continuing the communication and action plan on Combating HIV/AIDS in the European Union , after the current one, adopted at European Commission and European level, expires in 2013.

The goal of this document is to ensure affordable antiretroviral therapy for people living with HIV/AIDS, reinforce HIV prevention and end all forms of discrimination. The document was sent before the European Commission-UNAIDS Conference “Right to Health, Right to Life” in Brussels on 27-28 May.

Leadership and political commitment is essential at a time when the epidemic is not receding, when it still claims thousands of lives in Europe each year, when austerity measures ->] are being introduced in all national budget sectors and when financial limitations may make it increasingly difficult to afford treatment for HIV and co-infections. The call to action is a strong signal to EU leaders to reaffirm commitment against this deadlydisease.

- Call to the European Union leaders and the European Commission

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Last modified on June 2 2013.