The European Citizens’ Initiative ‘Water is a Human Right!’ is a pan-European initiative calling for the European Union (EU) to guarantee clean drinking water and quality sanitation for everyone living in Europe.

EPHA, one of the campaign partners, congratulates the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU), which is leading the campaign, for taking this initiative to the next level.

Extracts from the campaign’s press statement:

Jan Willem Goudriaan, vice-president of the Citizens Committee said: “Our European Citizens Initiative has managed to create a truly European debate about water and sanitation and the challenge to ensure that millions of Europeans have access to this basic Human Right. The financial and economic crisis and the pro-privatisation drive have galvanized millions of Europeans to rally to support our efforts to keep water and sanitation out of the internal market rules.”

“On Europe Day and in the year of European citizenship together we have made history. We expect that politicians across Europe will listen to the voice of citizens affirming water as a Human Right, as the United Nations did in 2010. We want to thank the more than 140 organisations that have helped us as well as the thousands of citizens that have made this European Citizens’ Initiative a success,” added Mr. Goudriaan.

- [Full press statement] Right2water: First ever European Citizens Initiative to make it!

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Last modified on May 7 2013.