Thalassaemia are forms of inherited recessive blood disorders originating in the Mediterranean region. This disease is caused by the weakening and destruction of red blood cells. Thalassaemia is caused by variant or missing genes that affect how the body makes haemoglobin

Each year International Thalassaemia Day (TIF) takes as its theme a different area related to the treatment and quality of life of thalassaemia patients.

This year TIF is bringing to the forefront the treatment around thalassaemia and is inviting all national thalassaemia associations across the world and other patient support groups to find out more about this disease, within the theme.

Message from Mr Panos Englezos, President of the Thalassaemia International Federation:

Dear friends,

The decision to adopt one day of the year to spread awareness and knowledge on aspects of prevention and management of thalassaemia, derived from the need to unite and strengthen the patients’ voice worldwide: an essential pre-requisite to achieve our mission towards the promotion of equal access to quality health care.

On the 8th of May each year, we remember, respect and recognise all those patients, parents and families who have fought towards a better future for patients with this disease and are unfortunately no longer with us but nonetheless have left to the world an immense and invaluable history of altruism, passion and commitment, paving the way for all of us to continue... read the rest of Mr Panos Englezos’ messague.

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Last modified on May 1 2013.