Chronic illness poses a major challenge for public health - it is the leading cause of mortality and morbidity in Europe, and has a major impact not only on the life expectancy but also in the years of good health lived. In addition, there is reasonable evidence that chronic disease affects earnings, the ability to work, job turnover and disability.

The just released ENWHP’s guide entitled “Promoting healthy work for workers with chronic illness” aims to advice employers and managers on how to support employees with chronic illness so that they can carry on with their professional lives in a way that protects their health.

This guide is built up on the below chapters:

  • A good practice guide on chronic illness at work
  • What is meant by workplace health promotion, return to work and chronic illness in the context of sustainable employment?
  • What employers can do to promote healthy work
  • What you can do: A six-step action plan
  • Recommendations
  • Next steps

- The guide is available in several languages.

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Last modified on April 22 2013.