The relation between AMR and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

The adopted amendment 192 and 193 introduces a new Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition (GAEC) standard (containing a reference to the Commission Action Plan on AMR) to Annex II of the proposed Horizontal Regulation, which lays out the rules for cross-compliance. Cross Compliance , within the framework of the CAP reform, basically means that in order to receive benefits funder the CAP policy, farmers should comply with other EU legislation.

AMR Action Plan

There is now, in the Parliament draft, a separate ’main issue’ heading for Action on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), which requires consideration of the Commission Action Plan against the rising threat from AMR, released in 2011. The provision also sets standards for food producing animals which comply with the Good Farming Practice guidelines to avoid infection.

Since agreement on the CAP reform was not reached at the first reading, the dossier now enters the second reading process, with both Parliament and Council working with the Commission in trialogue to try and craft a compromise text.

EPHA actions

EPHA will be monitoring the progress of the dossier, as well as amendments 192 and 193 concerning AMR, as the compromise text is developed.

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Last modified on March 29 2013.