The opinion broadly supports the Commission text, supporting the use of a regulation rather than a directive, a broad definition of personal data, and the requirement for explicit consent in order for processing to be considered legitimate. However, it also removes some of the delegating and implementing acts which assign power to the Commission in the original draft.

Crucially, the opinion also puts the processing of data for healthcare purposes outside of the scope of the ’right to be forgotten’ provisions. MEPs on the Committee stated in the amendments (specifically, amendment 85 and 206) that this is necessary to ensure complete health records and to enable health professionals to provide the best care and treatment for patients.

The opinion was drafted by Marielle Gallo MEP (EPP, France) and has now been submitted to the LIBE Committee for consideration prior to the plenary vote, which has been postponed until 29 May 2013.

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Last modified on April 3 2013.