On February 28, EPSCO Council met to discuss the AGS and formulate recommendations towards the EU Spring Council of March. The meeting outcome has great impact, not only on EU guidance, but also on national policies. The European Semester, launched by the AGS, is focusing on economic growth and fiscal consolidation, with unfortunately little action taken to promote better health, healthy ageing and improving the quality of healthcare.

Some of the shortcomings of the AGS 2013 include a lack ofattention to patient safety, and higher quality care and accessibility in line with EU values for health systems. Additionally, a lack of long term investments in health and social services as a motor for economic recovery has been highlighted.

EPHA’s letter provides recommendations to the EU Spring Council to invest in health through:

  • The Europe 2020 Strategy by complementing the AGS of 2013 with better investment in health promotion and prevention.
  • Developing programmes to reduce school drop-outs and assure better health in childhood.
  • Consider consumption taxes on alcohol, tobacco and food high in fat, salt and sugar in order to prevent chronic diseases.
  • Assure universal access to key health services, develop better ways of measuring societal progress in health outcome indicators.
  • Promote an active participation of civil society in formulation and implementation of policies at both national and European level.

    - Open Letter: Implement the Annual Growth Survey of 2013 with decisive actions to invest in health and sustainable development.

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Last modified on March 11 2013.