On the 10 December 2012, mayors from Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Genoa, Ghent, Leicester, Nantes, Naples, Paris, Moita and Vienna have joined forces with civil society and trade union campaigners to call for the implementation of the Human Rigth to Water and Sanitation into European Law.

They also call on citizens and people living in their cities to do the same at www.right2water.eu.

- Explainer (on the EPHA website)

- Sign the Citizens’ Initative

- List of supporting organisations

- What is an ECI? What signing?


The European Citizens Initative (ECI) is a new direct democracy tool introduced by Lisbon Treaty. It requires the collection of one million signatures from people in more than seven European Member States.

The ’Water is a Human Right!’ ECI is a joint effort of public service trade unions in collaboration with anti-poverty campaigners, environmental groups, public health campaigners, women’s organizations and public water companies. Together we are campaigning to achieve guaranteed water services for all across Europe, universal access to water and sanitation and to keep control of water in public hands. Today in Europe more than 8 million do not have access to sanitation and more than 1 million do not have access to water

Last modified on December 11 2012.