European Social Fund and Public Health in Romania

The EU is currently discussing the programming and budget for the future European Social Fund (ESF) 2014-2020 – a key moment to ensure that public health is part of the priorities, whether at European or at national level.

The Romtens Foundation and the European Public Health Alliance organize a one-day capacity building seminar aimed to give participants an idea of how the European Social Fund operates across the European Union in supporting public health on the 27 November 2012.

The seminar will also highlight how civil society actors can be active in making sure the future programme secures funding for public health projects in Romania.

The objective is to support Romanian civil society organizations, and in particular health actors, to become more familiar with the EU and the European Social Fund (ESF) and learn from other countries’ and regions’ experiences.

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- Audience: Civil society health activists, researchers, academics, social NGOs and volunteers, environmental NGOs, civil servants, trade unions, regional and local authorities, etc…

- Deadline to register: November 22

For further information related to this event, please contact Tereska Van Den Abeele, Event Assistant, Tel. +32 2 233 3873

Last modified on November 6 2012.