This coalition of NGOs welcomed the EPSCO Council Conclusions on Preventing and Tackling Child Poverty and Promoting Children’s Well-being which were adopted on 4 October 2012. The organisations highlight the upcoming European Commission Recommendation on child poverty as an opportunity for EU member states to develop a holistic approach to a child’s well-beingby endorsing practical mechanisms through which the implementation of these recommendations will be monitored across the EU.

Europe’s long-term economic growth and social cohesion requires that children grow up happy, healthy and confident. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child provides a guiding framework for EU Member States to enable all children to realise their full potential based on the principle of non-discrimination. Only by ensuring that all children can make their voices heard and are able to fully enjoy their right to high quality education, family support, healthcare, housing, social services and leisure, can we break the vicious cycle of deprivation and exclusion.

The statement complements the letter EPHA sent to Social Ministers prior to the EPSCO council, calling for a stronger health dimension.

The Council Conclusions are available here.

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Last modified on November 4 2012.