Policy Coordinator for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Zoltán joined EPHA in July 2012 and he is responsible for putting the public health approach at the heart of policies tackling health determinants, focusing on harmful substances such as alcohol and tobacco. He strongly advocates for reducing urban inequalities resulting from uneven access to social and environmental determinants of health (e.g. built environment, water housing, noise, transport, urban planning, water etc.). Based on his legal background, Zoltán highlights the right to health from a Fundamental Rights perspective, stressing the need for improving the health of the most vulnerable population in Europe (e.g. Roma, homeless people, chronic disease patients etc.). Zoltán also contributes to EPHA’s advocacy, consultancy and capacity building work as well as he manages several ongoing projects.


Zoltán speaks Hungarian, English, French, and German. He is a Hungarian qualified lawyer with more than nine years of professional practice.

Between 2008-2011, before joining EPHA, Zoltán was an active member of the Hungarian EU presidency team at the Hungarian Ministry of Health. On his earlier career, Zoltán promoted the unification of the applied legal terminology as a lawyer-linguist for the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. He also dealt with complex proceedings and cases at the Hungarian National Court.

- Contact information

. Telephone: +32 2 233 3872

. Email: zoltan(at)epha.org

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Last modified on April 29 2015.