Research shows that boys and girls differ in their exposure and vulnerability to health risks and ill-health conditions. Yet there is insufficient progress in transforming knowledge into policy action. It is also an useful tool to strengthen innovative ways of working across sectors, which is one of the core policy actions of the new European policy for health, Health 2020.

The series summarizes current knowledge on what works in promoting the well-being of adolescents. It is part of a series that includes social and emotional well-being, chronic conditions and disabilities, adolescent pregnancy, HIV/STIs, overweight and obesity, violence, injuries and substance abuse.

The publication strongly empahasises the position that young people’s health is the responsibility of the whole society, and that any actions (policy or practice) to tackle these need to be gender responsive in order to be successful - examples include cross-sector policies, families and communities actions, and interventions by health systems and health services.

Below you can find different publications of your interest:

- Evidence for gender responsive actions to promote mental health

- Evidence for gender responsive actions to promote well-being

- Evidence for gender responsive actions to prevent and manage overweight and obesity

- Evidence for gender responsive actions for the prevention and management of HIV/AIDS and STI

- Evidence for gender responsive actions to prevent and manage adolescent pregnancy

- Evidence for gender responsive actions to prevent and manage chronic conditions

- Evidence for gender responsive actions to prevent and manage injuries and substance abuse

- Evidence for gender responsive actions to prevent violence

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Last modified on March 27 2012.