In the report, EPHA highlights the growing body of evidence that GDP alone cannot measure all aspects of human development, does not account for social costs. The call to complement GDP by alternative indicators has increased momentum, with many academics, civil society organisations and citizens recognising the need to change the way society measures progress. The report evaluates alternative indicators to GDP methods to measure well-being such as life expectancy and rates of disease.

TheBeyond GDP arguments will also be compared with theEurope 2020 strategy, that was proposed by the European Commission and endoresed by Heads of States and the European Parliament. The five headline targets at the EU level will be examined from a human development perspective.

Furthermore, the report will evaluate the work undertaken by Eurostat on this topic. Eurostat is attempting to make the connection between indicators to complement GDP and the Europe 2020 strategy, it was the theme of the 2011 Eurostat conference "Statistics for policy making: Europe 2020".

- EPHA report is available here.

Last modified on February 27 2012.