The parallel workshop at the Open Health Forum brought together stakeholders, experts and European Commission representatives to discuss ways to integrate public health in the CAP.

Speakers included Professor of Food Policy Tim Lang, DG AGRI Deputy Director General Lars Hoelgaard, Maria Iglesia-Gomez, Head of DG SANCO’s unit of Strategy and Analysis, and Annette Toft, Chairwomen for Foodstuffs COPA – COCEGA.

Prof. Lang presented his vision for a Common Sustainable Food Policy and Commission officials responded. Although it was difficult to reach agreement on specific issues, it was generally agreed that there was room for improvement. The CAP can do more to promote healthy diets and relevant instruments should be explored.

To achieve this public health and nutrition should be included as one of the objectives of the post-2013 CAP. EPHAC will follow up with Commission representatives on the conclusions of the workshop.

The working group was organized by the European Public Health and Agriculture Consortium (EPHAC) and the European Heart Network (EHN), a member of the Open Health Forum Steering Group.

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Last modified on April 5 2011.