Travelling abroad for pleasure, education, or work has become a natural part of life for many European citizens. Products and services can be bought in another Member State when the need arises, but obtaining healthcare outside their residence country is still problematic for most European citizens.

The workshop at the "eHealth Conference 2008 focuses on concrete steps towards improving pan-European healthcare provision and on policy needs to accelerate European integration also in this field so close to the daily needs of many European citizens.

It is organised by the TEN4Health project which is funded by the European Commission. The TEN4Health project contributes towards improved healthcare provision for mobile European Union citizens. Initiated by leading public health insurance providers, the TEN4Health service package assures access of citizens to healthcare in participating Member States’ hospitals, based on a secure web service and its integration into developing European eHealth infrastructure networks.

The workshop is addressed to all interested in realising an integrated European health services market, in sharing visions, experience and opportunities for cooperation.

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Last modified on July 22 2008.