The long awaited Call for proposals for the Public Health Programme has published. Commissioner David Byrne launched the EUR 312 million action programme in the European Parliament. Between 2003 and 2008 the programme will spend over 312 million Euro on actions to protect and improve the health of Europe’s citizens. Commissioner Byrne said the launch marked "the EU shifting up a gear in its health policy". The three key priorities of the programme are: improving health information and knowledge, ensuring rapid reaction to health threats, and addressing health determinants.

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A detailed work plan for actions in these areas in 2003 has been agreed and the European Commission is inviting governmental bodies, academic institutes and European NGOs to deliver project proposals by 16 May 2003.

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In order to increase clarity about the implementation of the programme and to encourage potential beneficiaries to submit projects in 2003, the Commission organised an Information Day on 21/03/2003 in Luxembourg.

Commissioner Byrne’s speech, Brussels, 18 March 2003

Last modified on May 6 2003.