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New campaign to protect the rights of cancer patients and survivors at work

In partnership with EPHA and the European Trade Union Confederation, the Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL), an EPHA member, launched a campaign to protect the rights of cancer patients at work and to ensure equal access to financial services for cancer patients. During its 2011 Continuing cancer care conference, ECL launched the 2011 Declaration of Support for Cancer Patients to protect the rights of cancer patients at work and to ensure equal access to financial services for (...)

EU disaster response: the ENVI committee responds

The European Parliament’s ENVI Committee has adopted a draft report, ’’Towards a stronger European disaster response: the role of civil protection and humanitarian assistance’’. The goal is to reinforce disaster response capacity and to create synergies between existing mechanisms in order to avoid duplication of work and operate more cost-effectively. The draft report by rapporteur Elisabetta Gardini (EPP, Italy) welcomes the homonymous Communication from the (...)

Health and safety at work: More work to be done on work related stress says the Commission

The European Commission published a report to assess the implementation of Social Partners’ agreement on work-related stress, that was concluded in 2004. The Commission report on work related stress assesses how the agreement was implemented, its impact and it reviews the level of protection of employees from work related stress. It mainly concludes that although there is consensus that this is a serious issue, the protection is still uneven and further progress needs to be made on (...)

European Child Safety Alliance - Tap Water Temperature Announcement

The European Child Safety Alliance has released a position statement and backgrounder on the danger of tap water scalds. The statement is supported by several European and international organisations and national partners from more than 20 countries. Scald due to overly hot tap water are a cause of severe injury in very young children and a source of tremendous pain, requiring multiple hospitalisations and lengthy treatment resulting in permanent disability or disfigurement and even death. (...)

European Commission supports "responsible innovation" of nanotechnology for public health

The European Commission has outlined its current progress and future plans for nanotechnology development in the European Union, highlighting the potential benefits for both public health and innovation, during a meeting in the European Parliament organised by Cristian Busoi MEP (ALDE - Romania) and Jurgen Creutzmann MEP (ALDE - Germany) At a seminar organised by ALDE MEPs Christian Busoi (Romania) and Jurgen Creutzmann (Germany), the Director General of the Commission’s department (...)

Council of the European Union adopts rules to prevent injuries to healthcare workers

On 11 May, Ministers of the 27 EU Member States adopted a directive designed to protect healthcare professionals from sharp injuries in the workplace. The Directive provides for "an integrated approach to assessing and preventing risks", as well as education for and training to inform workers of the risks. The new directive, adopted at the meeting of the EU Council of Education, Youth and Culture, gives legal effect to a framework agreement concluded by healthcare and hospital sector (...)

MEPs vote to support action on organ donation in the EU

MEPs have voted in favour of the report by Miroslav Mikolasik MEP (Slovakia, EPP), establishing quality and safety standards for transplantation of human organs in the EU. In December 2008, the European Commission adopted two mechanisms to address these issues: an Action Plan enhancing coordination and cooperation between Member States, and a Directive containing the basic safety and quality procedures for transplantation. The report of Mr Miroslav Mikolasik on the Directive was adopted (...)

2nd European Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, 9-10 October 2008

EUROSAFE, an EPHA member, organised the 2nd European Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion on 9-10 October in Paris. EPHA participated at this event as we support the conference objectives and wished to highlight the importance of the issues raised. As injury prevention and safety promotion initiatives gain momentum in Europe, the 2nd European Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion will be a milestone opportunity to take stock of these developments and help (...)

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (OSHA) launches the Healthy Workplaces campaign on Risk Assessment

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (OSHA) will present its European campaign on Risk Assessment at a press conference in Brussels on 13 June 2008. Jukka Takala, Director of EU-OSHA, will highlight the importance of the campaign topic and give an insight into the campaign activities that will take place over the coming two years. Commissioner Vladimír Špidla will put the campaign in the wider context of the Community Strategy for Health and Safety at Work (2007 - 2012). (...)
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Work-related stress: new challenges in a changing workplace

On 31 January 2008, the European Risk Observatory (ERO), part of EU-OSHA, unveiled the emerging risks related to workplaces. The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (OSHA), is the European technical agency promoting a culture of risk prevention to ensure safer, healthier and more productive workplaces in Europe. As part of OSHA, the European Risk Observatory (ERO) provides information on safety and health at work in Europe, describes trends, anticipates changes in work and (...)

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