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Health for Growth programme published by the European Commission

The European Commission released on the 9 November the Health for Growth Programme which will replace the current EU Health programme, from 2014 to 2020. According to the Commission, the future ’Health for Growth Programme’ will add value to the Europe 2020 Strategy. The European Commission proposes four objectives: 1. To contribute to the creation of innovative and sustainable health systems. 2. To increase access to better and safer healthcare for all EU citizens. 3. To (...)

Health EU portal

DG SANCO (Health and Consumers) of the European Commission has developed the ’Health EU portal’, the official public health portal of the European Union and its newsletter. The Portal is designed to be a central hub of information on all things related to health in Europe. It should give easy access to a selection of the latest news and activities in the field of public health at European and international level. Both the website and newsletter are fully multilingual (22 (...)

Health priorities in EU2020 - European Commission guide

The European Commission published a brief online article outlining where health is relevant in the Europe 2020 strategy, the EU’s growth strategy for the coming decade. In the field of health, it aims at taking actions to ensure a better health for EU citizens, including healthy ageing, health at work and health inequalities. According to DG SANCO (Directorate General for Health, Consumer Protection and Animal Health), promoting good health is an integral part of Europe 2020, the (...)

European Commission public consultation on Public Health Threats

EPHA will be responding to the public consultation launched by the Commission on protecting citizens against crossborder public health threats. The submission deadline for responses is 29 April 2011. The aim of this consultation, managed by DG SANCO, is to seek the views of stakeholders on what action the European Commission should take to protect EU citizens more effectively against serious cross-border health threats. The Council of the European Union invited Member States in 2010 to (...)

European Medicines Agency imposes restrictions on activities of former Executive Director

*Update* March 2011 The EMA Management Board has imposed limitations to the activities of the former director and reaffirm principals of transparency and public trust following the open letter sent in February by EPHA, ALTER-EU, BEUC, Health Action International Europe, and the International Society of Drug Bullentins regarding the possible conflict of interests of a former EMA Executive Director taking up positions in the pharmaceutical industry. *Update* March 2011 Following the joint (...)

2011 DG SANCO management plan

DG SANCO has released its 2011 Management Plan. The plan highlights the role of public health as a key driver for competitiveness and growth in an ageing Europe, and as a cornerstone for economic success. It argues that a healthy population means more productivity, more time at work, more employed people, more older people at work and less demand on healthcare. It also highlights the supportive role of EU health policy in the economic recovery and in helping Member States address current (...)

Sanco celebrates its 10th birthday

As part of the celebrations of 10 years of DG Sanco, the EPHA SG was invited to participate in a high level meeting on 23 October in Brussels, preceded by a high level dinner on the evening of 22 October. The celebrations were organised as an opportunity to reflect upon the successes of the previous 10 years, and identify for discussions challenges for the future. The meeting and dinner were attended by two previous Commissioners, many former senior Sanco staff and the two current (...)

French Journalist wins EU Health Prize for Journalists

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Health and Consumers launched the EU Health Prize for Journalists in February 2009, as a part of the "Europe for Patients" campaign. The award gave recognition to excellence in journalism that brings awareness to health care issues and patients’ rights.The Prize was awarded in the spirit of respect for media freedom and pluralism and in the context of the Commission’s desire to improve communication between the European (...)
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Call for Expressions of Interest: EU Health Forum

The European Commission is renewing membership of the EU Health Forum. Organisations will be selected based on new criteria, and will participate for a period of three years until the end of the current EU Healthy Strategy in 2013. The call for expressions of interest is open until 17 October 2009. The EU Health Forum was established in 2001. The overarching goal of the Forum is to contribute to the development and implementation of actions to protect and improve the health of European (...)

DG SANCO’s Healthy Democracy Process: what progress so far?

Over two years have passed since the launch of the Healthy Democracy process by DG Health & Consumers. In March 2009, DG SANCO published a Report on what progress has been achieved. Background The Directorate General for Health & Consumers launched its Healthy Democracy process in 2006 in a climate of steadily growing pressure on EU institutions to increase their transparency and open up their working processes to be more participatory and inclusive of stakeholder input. In the (...)
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