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EPHA briefing on the Cyprus EU presidency Health priorities

Cyprus took over the rotating Presidency of the Council of Ministers on 1 July 2012. During its Presidency, Cyprus aims to promote the concept of working “Towards a Better Europe” by making the EU more relevant to Europe’s citizens and to the world. The two main priorities of the Presidency are; 1) the negotiations on the Multiannual Financial Framework, and 2) the EU response to the crisis. The Cyprus presidency commits itself to a European Union working on the principles (...)

Commissioners Quinn and Kroes team up to create a more inclusive European Research Area

On 17 July, the European Commission adopted two important policy papers: one on the European Research Area, and the other on open access to scientific information. These two papers are a bold move to increase confidence in the cost effectiveness of public funding for research. The European Research Area Communication concentrates on five priority areas: More effective research systems – ensuring that funding is allocated on a competitive basis to the best and most productive (...)

EPHA Briefing on Medical Devices Directive

In advance of the European Commission’s legislative proposal on the recast of the Medical Devices Directive to be released in September, EPHA releases a Briefing on Medical Devices that summarises some of the issues that will be under discussion in the upcoming reform process. As the recent PIP breast implant scandal brought to light, there has been a dramatic increase in faulty medical devices over the last decade that were able to enter the market due to serious loopholes in the (...)

The Global Healthcare Summit 2012: November 29 -30, London

What are the universal issues uniting healthcare professionals and policy-makers globally? How are people and organisations coming together and creating innovative solutions to major healthcare challenges? How will different healthcare players benefit from this? These and many other questions will be debated at the inaugural Global Healthcare Summit taking place on November 29th and 30th 2012 in London. Global Healthcare Summit that is taking place on November 29th and 30th 2012 in London (...)

Clinical Trials: European Commission revamps the EU rules

The European Commission has published its draft proposal to revise the Clinical Trial Directive. According to the European Commission, the main aim of the revised proposal is to simplify the rules for conducting clinical trials in Europe, while maintaining the highest standards of patient safety. Once adopted, the proposed Regulation will replace the 2001 ’Clinical Trials Directive’. The objective is to ensure that Clinical Trials rules are identical throughout the EU. The (...)

Award: 10,000 € for the European Social Entrepreneur of Active Ageing and Solidarity Between Generations

Along with the European Commission, Ashoka (the worlds’ oldest and biggest network of social entrepreneurs) and Generali Future Fund present the award ‘European Social Entrepreneur of Active Ageing and Solidarity Between Generations’. The award recognises individuals who have developed exceptional models to solve a social problem regarding active aging and solidarity between generations. The models should be replicable elsewhere and have the potential to improve (...)

Horizon 2020 - promoting better health outcomes through coordination, open access and civil society involvement

EPHA released its position on Horizon 2020. This document is a result, jointly with its members, to provide the public health opinion in light of the negotiations on Horizon 2020 programme. EPHA welcomes public health priorities recommended by the European Commission. The public health community encourages EU and national decision makers to support the health theme, efforts to promote coordination and access to data. EPHA Position on Horizon 2020 In a different approach to Innovation, (...)

New report reviews health literacy interventions

Health literacy is vital to active and informed healthcare issues and is identified as a key action to reduce health inequalities within the European Union. In this context the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has published a paper providing rapid review of the evidence on the effectiveness of interventions to improve health literacy. The ECDC report focuses on communicable diseases and interventions for disadvantaged populations within the European region. The (...)

65th World Health Assembly adopts 21 resolutions

The latest (65th) World Health Assembly gathered on 26 May adopted 21 resolutions on a broad range of health issues including: early marriages and pregnancies, the International Health Regulations, mass gatherings, the Millennium Development Goals, non communicable diseases, pandemic influenza preparedness, intensification of the global polio eradication initiative, research and development, nutrition, the social determinants of health and substandard/spurious/falsely (...)

European Commission new Innovation Partnership on Water still treats water as a commodity

Despite its initial ambition to seek solutions in market-driven innovation and research in accessing to safe, clean and affordable water and sanitation, the European Commission proposal (released last 14 May 2012) on the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Water only strengthens a vision of water as a commodity and not as a public good. EPHA evaluates the proposal Against the background of its support to the European Citizens’ Initiative Right to Water. Read the Commission (...)