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A new EU Directory on Science and society

The European Commission Directorate General on Research has set up a directory to collect data on ’who’s who’ in the area of science and society in Europe. The aim is to produce an online database where potential project partners would be registered, in order to further improve the link between science and society. Although the "who’s who" is not online yet, stakeholders that have an interest in research can contact DG Research to be added to the Directory. This (...)
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The European Respiratory Society

The recruitment is closed. The European Respiratory Society is seeking to appoint a Brussels-based EU Scientific Officer. Working closely with ERS’ scientific department in Switzerland, your tasks will include identifying EU research funding opportunities, drafting funding applications and developing respiratory research policy materials. Qualifications required University degree in a scientific discipline; Work experience within the EU institutions and/or in (...)
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EPHA Report: European Parliament Hearing on Neglected Diseases

The parliamentary group Gauche Unitaire Européene/North Green Left (GUE/NGL) hosted a Public hearing entitled "Neglected Diseases - Too poor to be treated" at the European Parliament on 8 February 2006. The event brought together EU officials, scientific researchers, international organisations, NGOs, pharmaceutical companies and consultants. The patron of the hearing, Umberto Guidoni MEP (GUE - IT), pointed out during his opening remarks, the need to think about changing the paradigms on (...)

Seventh Research Framework Programme: EPHA lobbying activities

**Latest update with the Council’s political agreement **. This article will be regularly updated by the EPHA Secretariat. Please feel free to inform the EPHA Secretariat of any developments not included here. EPHA lobbying activities At EPHA Extraordinary General Assembly (EGA) in December 2005, it was decided that the Secretariat would send to members of the European Parliament suggestions for amendments to the Commission text on the Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7) so as (...)

Science and society: Meeting of Minds

*This article has been updated with information about the outcome of the project.* The King Baudouin Foundation successfully led an EU-funded project called "Meeting of Minds" which aimed to foster greater involvement of citizens in defining priorities for brain research. Run by 12 different organisations, the 2-year pilot project "Meeting of Minds" gave the opportunity to ordinary citizens from 9 EU Member States to discuss the impact of brain science on their daily life and express (...)
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What role for civil society in research?

Following the publication by the European Commission of its proposal for the Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7) (2007-2013) and the recent two FP6 calls for proposal targeting civil society, the role of civil society organisations must be significantly strenghtened in research. Although there are a lot of concerns about the funding distribution in FP7, especially with regard to health, the other face of the debate focuses on the "war of evidence". How is defined sound and (...)
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UPDATED - Call for support: WHO draft resolution on health Research & Development

**Updated: the resolution will be discussed at the World Health Assembly in May 2006** On November 16 2005, the Republic of Kenya asked the World Health Organisation (WHO) to discuss a proposed resolution on a "Global Framework on Essential Health Research and Development" at the 23-28 January meeting of the WHO’s Executive Board. The resolution is a really strategic and important opportunity to get support for a new global framework for health Research & Development which (...)

World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF)

Contact details Mrs Felicity PORRITT Policy and Outreach Manager 19 Harley Street, First Floor UK-W1G 9QJ LONDON UNITED KINGDOM Phone +44 207 3434266 Fax +44 207 3434220 Email contact f.porritt@wcrf.org Website http://www.wcrf.org

Research: New Calls for proposal for civil society

Recently, the European Commission published two calls for proposals in the area of Science and Society under the Sixth Framework Programme. Science Shops The objective of the call is to contribute to universities’ mission of sharing knowledge outside the academic sphere. It mainly targets local civil society, universities and organisations involved in the training of students. The call requires the use of specific support actions (SSA) and coordination actions (CA). Participants (...)
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EATG position paper on HIV/AIDS clinical trials and drug users

The European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG), an EPHA member organisation, issued their position paper on clinical research and drug users in order to urge key stakeholders to include drug users in the clinical trials. Despite the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS within the injecting drug user population, EATG points out that drug users are excluded from clinical trials which raise concerns regarding the relevance of future treatments for this high-risk population. EATG notes that health care (...)