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EPHA mentioned in Lancet’s article on WHO European review of social determinants of health and health divide

An article in the academic journal, The Lancet, highlights the fact that the European region has seen remarkable heath gains following progressive improvements in the conditions in which people are being born, grow up, live, and work. However, it goes on to state, inequities, both between and within countries, still persist. The article, published in the renowned medical journal The Lancet, outlines the inequities in health between and within the 53 member states of the WHO European (...)

European Parliament draft report on the EU Commission Proposal amending Directives regarding water policy

Chemical and Water pollution are among the main health and environmental worries expressed by EU citizens. The EU Commission proposal to amend the existing EU water legislation as regards priority substances is on the table of the Parliament’s Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee (ENVI Committee). EPHA’s focus is on the draft European Parliament report. About the EU’s Water Policy The Water Framework Directive (WFD), adopted in 2000, takes an integrated (...)

EPHA participates in Health & Environment Alliance (HEAL) Annual General Assembly - Brussels, 13 Sept.

As a member of the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), EPHA has participated both in the organisation’s Annual General Assembly and in its air quality policy workshop. Monika Kosińska, EPHA’s Secretary General, was re-elected as a Member of HEAL’s Executive Committee. HEAL’s Annual General Assembly (AGA) presented the organisation’s main achievements for the period March 2011 – March 2012. During its AGA, HEAL also elected its Executive (...)

EPHA contribution to the Commisison consultation on Urban Mobility

EPHA strongly believes that urban mobility policies have a considerable impact on the population’s health and that the current EU framework represents an opportunity to fight against the burden of chronic non-communicable diseases now and in the future. EPHA shared its concerns and suggestions for future improvement in its contribution to the Commission consultation on the implementation of the Action Plan on Urban Mobility. While the European Commission Action Plan on Urban Mobility (...)

EPHA position on the EU Citizenship Rights

EPHA 2012 position on the EU Citizenship Rights contributes to the ongoing European Commission public consultation on EU Citizens’ Rights, "EU Citizens - your rights, your future" by focusing on the implications of citizenship on the public health dimension of people’s daily and professional lives. Time-wise, it is also a good opportunity for EPHA to contribute to the upcoming 2013 European Year of Citizens. EPHA 2012 position on the EU Citizenship Rights - based on the (...)

Water is a Human Right campaign - Sign online!

The European citizens’ initiative ‘Water is a Human Right!’ is now collecting signatures online. The campaign is a pan-European initiative calling for the European Union (EU) to guarantee clean drinking water and quality sanitation for everyone living in Europe - a window of opportunity to support a cause worth advocating for… and it only takes your signature. “Water is not a commodity but a public good that must be safeguarded, not opened up to (...)

Addressing the social determinants of health: the urban dimension and the role of local government

In a recent report, World Health Organization (WHO) Europe summarizes the evidence on the social determinants of health and the built environment, and in particular to the role of local government across countries in the WHO European Region. The paper, entitled ’Addressing the social determinants of health: the urban dimensions and the role of local government, argues that through their leadership,’ argues that local government has a profound role to play in cross-sectoral (...)

European Urban Health Conference - Amsterdam, September 12th-14th 2012

The EURO-URHIS 2 consortium, an urban health monitoring and analysis system to inform policy, is organising the European Urban Health Conference. The event will be held at the Felix Meritis facilities in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) on September 12th-14th 2012. Conference’s programme The Conference includes a number of high-level lectures and guest speakers like: . Amit Prasad, World Health Organisation, Kobe Centre, Japan . Dr Megumi Kano, World Health Organisation, Kobe Centre, (...)

Citizens Initiative to repeal climate change package

In early August the European Commission admitted an European Citizens Initiative (ECI) proposal to “Suspend the 2009 EU Climate & Energy Package- the EU’s plans for cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 20% and to increase the use of renewable energy by 2020. The objective of the initiative aims to halt “further climate regulations until a climate agreement is signed by major CO2 emitters - China, USA, and India. The organisers can now start collecting the one million (...)

EPHA position on the European Commission’s 7th Environment Action Programme

In June 2012 EPHA took part in the European Commission public consultation on the 7th Environment Action Programme (EAP), to operate from July 2012. In its position EPHA emphasized the vital need to consider and promote health and equality issues, in particular the need to tackle overconsumption and inequalities in access and distribution of resources considered as public goods. 2012 EPHA Policy Position on the EU environment policy priorities for 2020: Towards the 7th Environment Action (...)