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EPHA submits comments to draft political declaration in the run-up to FAO/WHO Second International Conference on Nutrition

In the run up to the Second International Conference on Nutrition in November 2014, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization opened a public consultation with interested stakeholders on its zero draft political declaration (otherwise known as the Rome Accord), to gather comments on its vision for health and nutrition, a sensitive global food and farming system. EPHA submitted its comments to the document. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United (...)

Civil Society urges President Barroso to reflect and re-focus on the Commission’s work on Sustainable Food

In light of the recent conference "Averting Farmageddon - Sustainable Food for All" co-organised by the Greek Presidency and the Compassion in World Farming, as well as the Commission’s long awaited Communication on Sustainable Food, civil society organisations wrote to President Barroso to urge that he reflect on current EU food production and consumption, especially from products of animal origin. As much as addressing food waste (is a predominant focus of the planned (...)

[Joint Press Statement ] EAT WELL, FEEL GOOD - Unified EU Programme to boost children’s fruit, vegetables and milk consumption?

5 February, Brussels - Following the publication of the Commission’s legislative proposal for the merger of the School Fruit Scheme (SFS) and the School Milk Scheme (SMS) (1), and while welcoming the Commission’s recognition of poor nutrition and the need to fight obesityin Europe’s schoolchildren, Freshfel Europe and the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) call on the Council and the European Parliament to defend the identity and the objectives of the SFS and not (...)

[European Parliament Plenary - November 2013] Final vote on the Common Agricultural Policy legislative proposals

At this week’s plenary meeting in Strasbourg (18-21 November 2013), the European Parliament (EP) voted on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) legislative proposals. Four reports - on Direct Payments, Single Common Market Organisation (CMO), Horizontal Measures, and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development - presented a set of demands from democratically elected representatives of EU citizens on the CAP and its direction to steer what food; where and how is to be produced; (...)

[Joint press release] Healthy people depend on healthy food systems

16 October, 2013 - The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO) World Food Day is an occasion to highlight the plight of hundreds of millions undernourished people in the world, and the increasing problem of overconsumption and associated chronic conditions of overweight and obesity, cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetes and cancer. The global pandemic of malnutrition – approximately 1 billion people suffer from chronic hunger while 1.4 billion people (...)

[EPHA Position Paper] Sustainable Food Systems

October 16 - On the United Nations’ World Food Day 2013 themed "Healthy People depend on Healthy Food Systems", and after contributing to the European Commission’s consultation on a Sustainable Food Systems, EPHA launch a position paper on the issue to add to an ongoing debate between Civil Society, policy-makers and other stakeholders. What we eat and how our food is produced and consumed is important for our health - health is a prerequisite for economic growth and inclusive (...)

[European Medicines Agency] The Black Triangle - medicinal products under additional monitoring

1 October 2013 - The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Commission have today officially launched the Black Triangle - medicinal products under additional monitoring. In April 2013 the EMA published the first list of medicines which are subject to such monitoring and, from 1 October, their package leaflets will feature the Black Triangle symbol. The Black Triangle symbol was introduced as part of recent pharmacovigilance legislation as a way of clearly demonstrating which (...)

[EPHA Briefing] Public health nutrition, food security and consumer considerations of EU Biofuel strategy

September 9 2013, Brussels - As the EU Biofuels policy is being pushed through the European Union institutions (most recently the European Parliament), EPHA is raising awareness on the ongoing debate, underpinned by a vast body of evidence and arguments, about an underestimated dimension of the impact of biofuels: on public health nutrition, non-communicable chronic diseases and food security of European consumers. The EP vote on the renewable energy directive (drafted by Corinne Lepage, (...)

EPHA co-signs statement to WHO European Ministerial Conference on Nutrition and Non-Communicable Diseases

The statement will be presented to the conference (on July 5th) by Jo Jewell, World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF International) International Policy & Public Affairs Manager. In this statement civil society calls on Member States and WHO to consider three recommendations: 1. Ensure a healthier media environment for our children 2. Create a healthy food environment in schools 3. Improve the quality of the food supply Introduction of Mr Jewell’s speech: "Thank you (...)

EPHA Reaction to WHO European Region Food and Nutrition Action Plan 2014-2020

As a result of an invitation extended by the WHO European Region office, EPHA has published its feedback to the draft WHO European Region Food and Nutrition Action Plan 2014-2020. Building up on EPHA’s response to the Second Food and Nutrition Plan 2007-2013 from 2006, we have analysed the proposed Action Plan for the years 2014-2020 and would like to present our initial observation as well as – where possible – suggest some improvements. Alike in the case of the (...)