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EPHA Working Group on Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Please find below information on the EPHA Working Group on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), which met for the first time in January 2013. All interested EPHA members are welcome to join the group regardless of whether or not they are actively working on CAM issues. The Working Group on CAM falls under EPHA’s Strategic Aim 2 on Health Systems, which covers issues related to health professionals, health threats and communicable diseases, healthcare services / health (...)

CAMbrella urges coordinated approach to Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) research

The final CAMbrella conference took place on 29 November 2012, showcasing the fruit of the 3-year pan-European CAM research project - the long-awaited ’’Roadmap for European CAM Research’’ that includes the findings of the work packages and provides conclusions and recommendations for a future research agenda. To kick off the conference, Dr. Wolfgang Weidenhammer, CAMbrella project coordinator based at University of Munich, recalled that CAMbrella is a so-called (...)

Post-event Press Release & Reporting - Complementary & Alternative Medicine: Innovation and Added Value for European Healthcare

Brussels – On 9 October 2012, European Parliament Members of the European Parliament, health professionals, patients and policy makers gathered in the European Parliament to hear and debate presentations on the innovative added value of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) for European Healthcare. The potential that CAM has to maintain health, prevent ill health, promote healthier lifestyles and contribute to the sustainability of health systems should not be disregarded by (...)

Save The Date! Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Innovation and Added Value for European Healthcare

**updated** THIS EVENT IS FULL! Commissioner Dalli confirmed to deliver a video message. A conference and exhibition on the theme of ‘Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Innovation and Added Value for European Healthcare’ will take place at the Brussels offices of the European Parliament on Tuesday 9th October. The conference has been organised by the European stakeholder group for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (EUROCAM), with a support from EPHA and kindly (...)

What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)?

Complementary and Alternative Medicine’s (CAM) CAM’s twin objectives are to maintain health and to treat illness in an individualised way where the focus is on ‘salutogenesis’ identifying and supporting the factors that maintain good health. CAM straddles the gap between prevention - and the management and treatment interventions of conventional medicine. CAM is inherently geared to: fostering good health strengthening health for resistance to health threats (...)

CAM European Parliament Interest Group on Healthy and Active Ageing

On 12 April 2011, the second EP Interest Group on Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) convened at the European Parliament to discuss the potential benefits that CAM can contribute to the European Innovation Partnership on Healthy and Active Ageing. The meeting, chaired by Marian Harkin MEP (ALDE, Ireland) brought together CAM doctors and practitioners as well as representatives of the European Commission and other interested MEPs. Ms Harkin explained the purpose of the meeting, (...)

4th ANME Symposium held in Vienna

The fourth international symposium organised by German-based EPHA member, the Association of Natural Medicine in Europe (ANME) took place in Vienna on 13 and 14 November 2010. Entitled ’’CAM - Quo vadis? The Practice and Continuity of Traditional Healing Knowledge’’, the event was an opportunity for EPHA to learn about the concerns of the CAM community that, despite the recent increased attention at EU level, feels that not enough resources have been invested in (...)

Complementary and Alternative Medicine - an overview

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is becoming increasingly recognised as used by many Europeans on a regular basis. The term encompasses a wide range of therapies, from homeopathy to yoga, and with many different cultural origins. Please read on for more information on CAM and CAM in the EU. What is CAM – Complementary and Alternative Medicine? CAM encompasses a large number of diverse therapies, methods and theories. Modification of lifestyle, dietary change, bodily (...)

Spotlight on the European Shiatsu Federation (ESF)

Who are we? The European Shiatsu Federation (ESF) is a not-for-profit federation. Shiatsu is an autonomous natural healthcare system whose aim is to maintain the energetic and biophysical balance in human beings. Who do we represent? We represent national professional shiatsu associations in Europe. What is our mission? We aim to: Advance shiatsu as a healing therapy throughout Europe Establish the legal right to practice shiatsu as an independent, self-regulating health-care (...)

Spotlight on International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques (ICMART)

The International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques (ICMART) is a new EPHA member. Who are we? ICMART is a non-profit making international organisation comprising more than 80 medical acupuncture societies worldwide. Who do we represent? ICMART represents over 30,000 doctors practising acupuncture and related techniques. What do we do? Every year ICMART guides, helps, sponsors directly or indirectly and participates through the active presence of one or more members (...)