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[EU-US trade agreement] Investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) consultation: A missed opportunity?

On 27 March, the European Commission (EC) launched a public consultation on the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) chapter within the context of the Transatlantic (ie EU-US) Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Weeks earlier, the EU Trade Commissioner put a halt to the negotiations over the ISDS due to mounting criticism from civil society groups and the European Parliament (EP). 07 April 2014 - This consultation has been presented by the EC as a solution to increase transparency (...)

[EPHA comments] First EU Summit on Chronic Diseases

The first EU Summit on Chronic Diseases took place in Brussels during the 3rd and 4th of April. Peggy Maguire, EPHA president, delivered a key note speech. In this article we have pulled out the main messages of her speech. Among other key topics, the first EU summit on chronic diseases discussed medical, social and economic benefits of sustainable investments in health; ways to reduce the burden of chronic diseases; and how to strengthen the prevention and management of chronic diseases. (...)

European Commission launches new action plan to fight HIV/AIDS

On March 14th, 2014 the European Commission (EC) presented the new Action Plan (AP) on HIV/AIDS in EU and neighboring countries for 2014-2016, which builds on the achievements of the previous Action Plan 2009-2013. The EC highlights the importance of keeping HIV/AIDS high on the political agenda and focus on HIV prevention and awareness-raising to tackle risk behaviour, as well as early and affordable treatment and care. At EPHA we consider that the inclusion of affordable treatment in (...)

Public health community encourages European Commission to "revive" scientific group of Alcohol Forum

On March 20, EPHA along with UEG, EASL, Eurocare and the Royal College of Physicians wrote an open letter welcoming the initiative by the European Commission to reframe and potentially expand the competences of the EU Alcohol Health Forum (EAHF). The Forum, which aims at providing scientific advice and guidance on matters under alcohol research, has been inactive for about two years. However, we believe that the EAHF can play an important role in breaking through the status quo by (...)

[EPHA Professional Development Programme - Spring 2014] EU health advocacy training

On 24-25 March 2014 in Brussels EPHA launched the second part of its 6th 2013-2014 Professional Development Programme (PDP). This programme aims to train those new to the ’EU bubble’ to get an introduction to the European Union and more particularly to European health advocacy. EPHA PDP 2014 provides a chance for young professionals working primarily in health-related organisations or civil society organisations to: Build up the advocacy skills that make a successful (...)

Right2Water Citizens’ Initiative : A cross-party agreement on water as a human right

Three years after the Regulation establishing the European citizens’ initiative (ECI) , the "Right2water" initiative was presented on 17 February at a public hearing in the European Parliament. There was a cross-party agreement on the merits of such a positive active movement coming from citizens and so clearly expressing participatory democracy. It is now up to the Commission to come up with a concrete legislative proposal by 20 March 2014. After having received 1,680,172 valid (...)

2014 EPHA Working Groups

EPHA Working Groups enable EPHA members to discuss regular public health-related issues of importance at an EU level. These Working Groups are composed of a mailing list and ’physical’ meetings. Participation from abroad will be facilitated through a teleconferencing system to allow members that would like to be more active but cannot travel to Brussels to join in the Working Groups. Please let the corresponding Working Group (WG) organiser know to which group you want to be (...)

[Joint open letter] EPHA co-signs letter from group of civil society and farming organisations on ongoing reform of DG Agri advisory groups

Welcoming the decision by the European Commission on the reform of the functioning and composition of advisory groups - and to stress the importance of having a balance between the different civil society groups focused on economic, social and environmental issues - EPHA joins efforts with other non-governmental organisations and co-signs an open letter to EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Dacian Ciolos. The letter, entiled ’Reform of DG Agriculture advisory group system’ is (...)
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[Invitation: e-lecture/webinar] The ’Future EU Health Mandate’ by Professor Helmut Brand, Maastricht University

The European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) is delighted to invite you to an online lecture/webinar on public health in the context of European cooperation and integration. The lecture will be delivered by Professor Helmut Brand, Jean Monet Chair of European Public Health at Maastricht University (UM), the Netherlands. Professor Brand will be talking about the “Future EU health mandate” via the online platform Blackboard Collaborate that the UM is facilitating. Professor Brand (...)
Also about: Europe 2020

[EPHA Professional Development Programme 2013] EU health advocacy training

EPHA Professional Development Programme 2013: Join an EU health advocacy training on’ Campaigning for the European elections 2014 and the 2014-2019 new Commission.’ On December 4-5-6 EPHA launches its 6th Professional Development Programme (PDP) which aims to train those new to the ’EU bubble’ to get an introduction to the European Union and more particularly to European health advocacy. This year we plan to support participants in campaigning for the European (...)