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Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

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EDF, AGE, Platform Europe & ANEC urge the Council to support the Parliament’s position on web accessibility

26 February 2014 | Today Members of the European Parliament have shown their strong commitment to a more inclusive Internet for all. The Parliament’s report on the proposal for a Directive on the Accessibility of Public Sector Bodies’ Websites has introduced extremely valuable changes to the Commission proposal. These will benefit the majority of citizens across the EU and will boost the web-developing European marketplace, giving a perfect example of how a piece of (...)

[Release: Child Safety Product Guide] Products Specifically designed for children are causing injuries that could be avoided

Vilnius, Thursday, 5 December, 2013 - Each day children are injured when interacting with products in their everyday environment; even with products made especially for children. Estimates from the EU Injury Data Base identify that each year approximately 19,000 children under 14 years of age in the 28 countries of the European Union will have injuries involving bunk beds, 51,000 will have injuries involving trampolines and a further 52,000 will have toy related injuries that are serious (...)

[European Medicines Agency] The Black Triangle - medicinal products under additional monitoring

1 October 2013 - The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Commission have today officially launched the Black Triangle - medicinal products under additional monitoring. In April 2013 the EMA published the first list of medicines which are subject to such monitoring and, from 1 October, their package leaflets will feature the Black Triangle symbol. The Black Triangle symbol was introduced as part of recent pharmacovigilance legislation as a way of clearly demonstrating which (...)

[Joint media reaction] Minimum Alcohol Price: Scottish High Court on the side of public health

Brussels, 3 May – Today, the Scottish Government has won a case on Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) for alcohol (1) in the Scottish High Court - the first legally-binding minimum price on alcohol within the EU. Now the alcohol industry will have 21 days to decide whether it has grounds for appeal. MUP sets a floor price below which alcohol cannot be legally sold and unlike taxation, MUP prices alcoholic beverages based on their strength. Alcohol misuse hits the poor badly, most of whom (...)

[Joint Press Release] In the fight against alcohol misuse, pricing policies are the way to go

Brussels, 24 April – Today Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from various political groups, along with representatives of governments, leading academics and public health organisations (1), have renewed their support for strong measures to bring down the current high rate of alcohol misuse in Europe. The seminar also served to launch in Europe the ’Alcohol and Cancer’ report (2). “If policy-makers are serious about tackling the danger that heavy (...)

EPHA Working Group on Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Please find below information on the EPHA Working Group on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), which met for the first time in January 2013. All interested EPHA members are welcome to join the group regardless of whether or not they are actively working on CAM issues. The Working Group on CAM falls under EPHA’s Strategic Aim 2 on Health Systems, which covers issues related to health professionals, health threats and communicable diseases, healthcare services / health (...)

The European Commission publishes the "Principles for Better Self- and Co-Regulation"

These principles, which constitute a basis for consensus and constructive dialogue between business and civil society’s organisations, are the first results of the Commission’s strategy on Corporate Social Responsibility. Given the "necessity of creating conditions favorable to sustainable growth, responsible business behavior and durable employment generation in the medium and long term" the European Commission released, in October 2011, "A renewed EU strategy 2011-2014 for (...)

A Greener Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) crucial for Public Health Community

The European Policy Centre (EPC) think tank, in cooperation with the World Wide Fund (WWF) European Policy Office, organised a Policy Dialogue on 14 February, on the topic of ‘What future for the Common Agricultural Policy?’ The European Public Health & Agriculture Consortium (EPHAC) contributed to the debate highlighting the messages of the public health community towards the ongoing CAP reform. Discussions on the common agricultural policy (CAP) are already heated, with (...)

[The Brussels Business] Interactive website and film

Arte TV, a Franco-German TV network, has just launched an online interactive app to foster dialogue between Brussels-based representatives in the EU Parliament and citizens, so both get to debate EU related issues online. The Brussels Business Online - Have your say The concept is simple: For eight weeks, the Arte TV team will be based inside the EU Parliament in Brussels in order to offer a “window of dialogue and action” on issues debated among EU lawmakers. This (...)