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Rapid response to soaring food prices

The Parliament is currently in discussions before a vote on the regulation submitted by the Commission. It is hoped that this regulation might facilitate a quick response to soaring prices in developing countries. Background Soaring food prices have had alarming consequences for the world’s population and is now threatening food security, ironically, they are helping local farmers to maintain the sustainability of their crops. The Commission’s initiative According to some (...)

Health for all? A critical analysis of public health policies in eight European countries.

This study, carried out by Swedish scientists, compares the public health policies of eight European countries. Background of the study In 2003, the Swedish Parliament adopted a comprehensive public health policy that covered all the important health determinants, ranging from societal conditions to lifestyles. In order to compare the mechanism established there, and to make up for the lack of research into public health matters, a group of Swedish scientists decided to ask their European (...)

UNAIDS report shows a slowdown in the global HIV epidemic

A new report released by UNAIDS indicates that the HIV epidemic is slowing or stabilising in many regions. Yet women and young people remain at particular risk of HIV infection. The report calls on governments to improve status of women. Low knowledge about transmission and ways of prevention The UNAIDS ’2008 Report on the global AIDS Epidemic’ shows that although young people are waiting longer before becoming sexually active, many still do not have accurate information on (...)

Housing rights: Breakthrough ruling by the Council of Europe

The Council of Europe body responsible for monitoring the implementation of the European Social Charter, the European Committee of Social Rights (ECSR), reached the decision that France is in violation of the Charter with regard to housing rights. The ECSR - the Council of Europe’s body responsible for the implementation of the European Social Charter - has ruled that France is not in conformity with Article 31 of the Charter on six grounds. These include the poor implementation of, (...)
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DG Sanco Director General lecture on the ethics of health policy

CHES, the Coalition for Health, Ethics and Society, held its annual lecture on Thursday the 5th of June 2008 on ’The Role of Ethics in Shaping Health Policy’ Chaired by the European Policy Centre. The talk was given by the for the European Commission, Robert Madelin. Mr Madelin gave an very clear and impressive talk on the issues facing the integration of Health policy with economic policy and the ethical implications. He started out by saying that health is a relatively young (...)

Public consultation on future of EU scheme "Food Distribution to the Most Deprived Persons"

The European Commission has launched a public Internet consultation on the EU scheme to distribute free food to people in need in the Community. The public is invited to give a feed-back on a number of key questions in relation with the EU programme to distribute free food to the most deprived persons in the Community through a call for contributions to a large internet-consultation. The consultation runs until 14 May. Since 1986, the European Commission made available some € 2.5 (...)

FEANTSA supports a parliamentary initiative to end street homelessness

The European Federation on National Organisations working with the Homeless (FEANTSA) is supporting a cross-party written declaration on ending street homelessness. FEANTSA supports a parliamentary initiative to end homelessness calling upon : the Council to obtain an EU-wide commitment to end street homelessness by 2015; the Commission to develop a European framework definition of homelessness, elicit statistical data, and provide annual updates on action taken and progress made in EU (...)

*Updated* Social reality stock-taking: European Parliament response to Commission consultation

This article has been updated with the recent communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions, which was adopted on 20 November 2007. As a result of this additional document, the new deadline for responses has been postponed until 15 February 2008. In an own-initiative report on Europe’s social reality, the European Parliament asks the Commission and Member States to aggressively (...)

Improving efforts to tackle TB in Europe

2007 has seen several international developments to spur Europe into action on tackling TB. The challenge for 2008 will be to retain this momentum and translate it into policy action.

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Guide launching for the social integration of Roma in Europe

The Good practice guide for the social inclusion of Roma in Europe has been presented in the final conference of the ROMAin Project. Patricia Fernandez from EPHA attended the event on 7 November 2007, in the European Parliament, Brussels. The guide is the main result of the two-year Romain Project, funded by the European Commission (DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities), which developed recommendations to influence public and social policies to combat the exclusion of (...)