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Indian Court rejects Novartis challenge to generics

The high court in Madras has rejected the Novartis challenge to Indian Patent laws. Campaigners for access to essential medicines have welcomed the courts ruling, having feared that any other judgement would have jeopardised the large scale generic drug manufacturing industry in India. The company had claimed that Indian patent law did not comply with the country’s Constitution following the rejection of their patent application for a cancer drug "Glevic". The full text of the (...)

Portuguese Presidency organises conferences on migrants and health and social services

Forum on Social Services of General Interest Under the auspices of the European Parliament and with the support of the European Commission, the European Presidency of the European Union decided to organise the first Forum on Social Services of General Interest (SSGI) on 17 September 2007 in Lisbon. A representative from the EPHA membership will be selected to attend this event, thanks to a grant from the Portuguese Presidency to do so. You can find below the provisional (...)

FEANTSA "Homeless in Europe" magazine & ENHW Newsletter Summer 2007 issues

The European Federation of National Organisations working with the homeless (FEANTSA) published two documentations. The magazine “Homeless in Europe” which deals with the “Criminalisation of People who are Homeless” and the 2nd issue of the European Network of homeless Health Workers (ENHW) newsletter. The "Homeless in Europe" magazine The "Homeless in Europe" magazine is published three time a year. You can download all issues of this magazine in electronic (...)
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Eurofound Report points to bad working conditions for migrants in the EU

The European Foundation for the improvement of Living and working conditions (Eurofound) has just published a report giving a comparative overview of the employment and working conditions of migrant workers in the EU. Eurofound’s report draws the main trends regarding legal immigration in the EU. In the past decades, the proportion of migrant workers in the labour force has grown considerably in EU countries. However, in most these countries, migrant workers have higher unemployment (...)

*UPDATED* European Seminar on Homelessness - 1 June 2007

EPHA member FEANTSA - the European Federation of National Organisations working with the Homeless held a one-day seminar on Friday 1 June 2007. The Seminar, entitled "Key elements for a successful local homeless strategy: How can Europe support local authorities to improve the fight against homelessness" took place in Brussels at the Committee of the Regions. The President of the EU Committee of the Regions, Michel Delbarre, spoke at the event on the issue of homelessness. Tools to develop (...)
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EPHA Briefing note on TRIPS, access to medicines and the Novartis case

On January 2006 the Indian authorities rejected an application to patent filed by Novartis on the grounds that the drug was a new form of an old drug, and therefore was not patentable under Indian law. In other countries where Novartis has a patent, the drug is sold at $2,600 per patient per month. In India, generic versions of this drug are available for less than $200 per patient per month. Novartis is therefore trying to have the patent decision overturned so that it can sell the drug (...)

Consultation on the European Year of Combatting Poverty and Social Exclusion

2010 will be the European Year for fighting exclusion and poverty. In order to prepare for the Year (proposal expected in October 2007), DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities has drafted a questionnaire for consultation. This represents an opportunity for health NGOs and EPHA members to advocate for health inequalities to be taken into account. A health promotion and prevention perspective can also be stressed upon. This can also be used to further some concerns (...)

Support for petition: Ending extreme Poverty, a Road to Peace!

The 17th October 2007 is International Day Against Poverty. To mark the day and increase its impact human rights NGOs from four different continents have come together to launch a declaration that calls for all citizens, local and national authorities, and the United Nations to recognise poor and excluded people as key stakeholders in the fight against poverty and ensure that they are able to fully participate in decisions that affect them. You can support the declaration Ending extreme (...)

Health inequities: a discussion paper

The World Health Organisation Europe has published a discussion paper on concepts and principles for tackling social inequalities in health. The paper aims to include in the discussion about health inequalities, the latest changes in the European context, as well as the newest ways to tackle the issue, notably on how to measure differences in health. Social inequities in health are defined as the systematic differences in health status between socioeconomic groups. They are socially (...)
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Health inequalities: closing the gap conference

The final conference of the ’Closing the Gap’ project coordinated by Eurohealthnet, an EPHA member takes place on the 8 May 2007 in Brussels. Entitled « Actions for health equity », the conference targets EU and government officials, policy makers from the health as well as other policy sectors, and representatives from other European organisations and networks that can join efforts to make an impact on tackling health inequalities. The main aim of the conference is to (...)
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