FIPSU, the European organisation of the Finnish trade unions in the public sectors has published a report drafted by Jari Hellsten On the Legal Status of Public Services in the EU. PAges 9-13 of the report explicitly covers the way that EU law, particularly on the internal market, intrudes into health services of Member States which is specifically excluded from EU legislation. Addressing recent ECJ judgements on health services and patient mobility, the report provides an introduction on why the definition of Services of General Interest is so critical to protect national health systems from competition law.

More analysis is available from Meri Koivusalo, a researcher at STAKES in Finland whose briefing note on the European constitution from a health and social services perspective can be downloaded here. The paper highlights why the EU constitution is important for these services and then proposes some solutions as a contribution to the debate.

For more information visit the STAKES website

Last modified on November 5 2003.