“Tectonic tensions - wealthy Europe`s fear of commitment”


  • Tonio Borg - European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy
  • Vytenis Povilas Andriukaitis - Lithuanian Minister of Health (*to be confirmed)
  • Ingrīda Circene - Latvian Minister of Health (*to be confirmed)
  • Paola Testori Coggi - Director-General for DG Health and Consumers
  • Pilar Farjas Abadía - Secretary of State for Health and Consumers, Spain
  • Fernando Leal Da Costa - Secretary of State for Health, Portugal
  • Christina Papanikolaou - Secretary General for Public Health, Greece
  • Dr Roberto Bertollini - Director, WHO Office at the European Union

    Venue: Residence Palace, 155, Rue de la Loi (Brussels) (directions)

    Coinciding with the start of business of the new European Parliament and Commission and the review of the EU’s long-term objectives, EPHA’s annual conference will gather high level speakers and thought leaders to engage in a constructive debate on the priorities of the EU for the next five years. The Conference will be composed of different panels brought together to discuss, among other topics:

- The role of health policy in the internal market and the nexus between the EU’s economic competence and health.

- What the EU can do to secure adequate food systems, housing, poverty reduction and other social determinants of health, as well as reduce the health gap.

- The dichotomy between public health, economic and corporate interests - the boundaries of a free market for health.

- What steps need to be taken to achieve social cohesion as different divisions emerge in the EU: North-South, East-West, “New” vs. “Old Member States”?

Side event following EPHA 5th Annual Conference: Alcohol Policy in Scotland Friday, 5th September (14:00-15:30)


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Last modified on July 18 2014.