MEPs must ensure that funding will only be given to farmers who rotate their crops, maintain their meadows and pastures, and use at least seven per cent of their land to attract greater biodiversity. Family farms must be specifically supported and cost covering prices for producers must be ensured.

We appreciate the daily efforts of people working on farms: they must be at the centre of the reform! We need diversity not monocultures; farms not factories!

In addition, export subsidies must be abolished and the impact of agricultural exports and imports on small farmers in developing countries must be monitored.

Program of the Action:

From 9.30 to 15:00:

Disco Soup!/ Action/ Human chain / Rally speeches / CAP-Chat with your MEP over a bowl of soup!

At 11.00: Human chain around the European parliament

Join the action! Let’s create a colourful action with many posters and costumes in front of the Parliament - and demand diversity in our fields.

Bring your vegetables for a ‘Good CAP Soup’! Let’s show our MEPs what the right ingredients for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) are. During the Disco Soup action civil society groups will cook a fiery soup together, to be dished up for MEPs during the lunchtime CAP-Chat.

Become a link in a human chain around the Parliament building! Let’s form a human chain with hundreds of activists carrying our messages for the MEPs from all sides. For this to happen, it needs many people to participate. Bring your friends!

Do you still have time to stay on Wednesday 13 March? This is when the actual vote will happen in the EP. Using the theme "Noah’s Ark" let’s go on an agricultural boat tour to the EP, leaving from Strasbourg’s historic center at 11.30.

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Last modified on March 5 2013.