For far too long, housing and health have remained in fundamentally separate policy silos. The introduction of a ‘health in all policies’ approach in the EU started to increase the impetus towards searching for win-win scenarios and synergies between health and other areas – notably housing. Housing conditions affect people’s health. If these conditions are poor quality, inadequate or unaffordable pricing (what leads to homelessness) people’s health gets compromised and damaged beyond repair.

The purpose of this seminar is to discuss issues of housing, poverty, inequalities, health and well-being, and to qualify the extent of the problem by bringing together speakers from the EU and international institutions, as well as renowned academics. This seminar also aims at informing cross-sectoral civil society actors about more comprehensive advocacy on health-housing links, showing the potential benefits between social and public health organisations.

This event will evaluate recent developments at EU policy level on health and housing. I will also explore platforms for cooperation on increased advocacy and the use of EU funds on the health-housing link. Furthermore, this seminar will serve to discuss ways to build up and expand cross-sectoral networks for future partnerships and collaboration.

This workshop will be of particular interest for representatives of civil society organisations dealing directly or indirectly with health and housing issues, and for those who wish to be up to speed on the health-housing relationship.

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The seminar is free of charge; the organisers do NOT cover any travel or accommodation costs. The seminar will be held in English and interpretation to French will be provided.

For further information related to this event, please contact Tereska Van Den Abeele (EPHA) at and Juliette Baloup (CECODHAS) at

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