Poverty and health have a vicious relationship. Poverty - next to inequality - is the most powerful determinant of health; a determinant that strikes early. The poorer the social and economic conditions a child is born into, grows up, learns and plays in, the poorer their short- and long-term health outcomes are likely to be. The lower a person’s health capital from early on in life, the greater their risk of remaining and falling into poverty. And yet, it is a modifiable and preventable cause of a person’s poor health outcomes.

Child poverty, children’s health and well-being are interlinked and are multi-faceted. There are many underlying causes of poverty and children’s poor health. In most of the cases, these are determined by their socio-economic and even political factors. To illustrate this, services on which the general child population, especially those at risk of poverty and their families depend, like public health, education, care, housing and social services, have been significantly downgraded in many Member States due to austerity measures imposed at national level and driven by the EU agenda in the context of the ongoing economic crisis.

However, Europe’s future social, political and economic development depends on the extent to which its children grow up happy, healthy, well-educated, safe and self-confident. This can only be achieved with a health-promoting social, economic and governance framework at the EU institutional level.

In this regard, the objective of this seminar is to discuss with representatives of the European institutions and public health and social policy stakeholders the importance of the multi-faceted nature of the child poverty-health link and the need to adopt a comprehensive and holistic approach to tackling and preventing it at the EU level.

The meeting aims to provide room for constructive debate on the issues of poverty, inequality, health and well-being as they concern children, and should reflect the ongoing and prospective work of the EU institutions, such as:

. The Joint Action on Health Inequalities and the undergoing work on the European Commission recommendations on Child Poverty.

. A proposal for a European Parliament own-initiative report on Children’s Health.

. A proposal for the Commission-initiated EU-wide Strategy on Children’s Health.

. A proposal for the Commission and Member States Joint Action on Children’s Health.

- Final agenda

To register please follow the REGISTRATION LINK (Deadline: Monday, 28 November 2012)

The seminar is free of charge although the organisers areUNABLE TO cover any travel or accommodation costs. The seminar will be held in English.

- Interview with MEP Jean Lambert (UK, Greens/EFA)

For further information related to this event, please contact Tereska Van Den Abeele.

Sponsorship: the King Baudouin Foundation has kindly agreed to sponsor the lunch provided during the seminar (

- Report on the EP seminar ’From Rhetoric to Action - Tackling Child Poverty and Promoting Children’s Health and Well-being in the EU

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