The Conference aimed to assess how the current crisis and its policy responses impact on health systems and how the crisis could be managed in the future so as to promote better health outcomes for all.


What is the cost of the crisis on populations and their health? Are the austerity measures viable or do they put health systems into a long term crisis? How can the EU and national authorities create a new way of thinking to tackle the consequences of the crisis and yet secure sustainable healthcare systems?

Commissioner Dalli, Zsuzsanna Jakab, Director for the WHO Europe, Sanjeev Gupta, International Monetary Fund and Pervenche Beres, chair of the Employment and Social Committee in the European Parliament took part in the debate and discused with civil society organizations the impact of the crisis and the way forward.

Among others: trade unions, international national and regional authorities, social, health and environment civil society organizations, and EU decision makers are invited to the event.

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A report of the event will be published soon

Last modified on April 25 2013.