The Europe 2020 Strategy is the overarching strategy for the European Union, that Eu leaders agreed on in 2010. Its objective is to create "Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth." The Strategy contains several flagship iniatitives and mechanisms which will influence how policy is shaped until 2020.

This briefing aims at giving social NGOs and anti-poverty activists a clear overview of the functioning of the EU2020 Strategy. Il also highlights opportunities for action and civil society involvement.

The annex of this briefing is a series of thematic fiches which provide more details: elements of context, extensive quotes of official documents, etc.

For More Infromation

- Europe 2020

- Commission Communication Europe 2020 A strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth

- Statement by the Heads of State and Government of the Euro Area

- Conclusions of the European Council 25-26 March 2010

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Last modified on September 28 2011.