Twelve countries are to gain one or more representatives – Spain: 4; Austria, France, and Sweden: 2; Bulgaria, Italy, Malta, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, and the UK: 1

The political affiliation of the new MEPs is 8 new members to the European People Party, 5 new members to the Socialist & Democrats Group, 2 new Members to the Green/EFA Alliance, 1 member to the European Conservative and Reformist Group, and 2 non-attached members.

- Austria Josef Weidenholzer S&D, Ewald Stadler non-attached
- Bulgaria Svetoslav Malinov EPP
- France Jean Roatta EPP, Yves Cochet Green
- Italy Gino Trematerra EPP
- Latvia Karlis Sadurskis EPP
- Malta Joseph Cuschieri S&D
- Netherlands Patricia van der Kammen non-attached
- Poland Arkadiusz Bratkowski EPP
- Slovenia Zofija Mazej-Kukovic EPP
- Spain Vicente Garcés Ramón S&D, Dolores García-Hierro Caraballo S&D, Eva Ortiz Virella EPP, Salvador Sedó i Alabart EPP
- Sweden Amelia Andersdotter Greens/EFA Jens Nilsson S&D
- UK Anthea McIntyre ECR

The only country to have fewer MEPs in the new Lisbon allocation of seats is Germany. According to the Nice Treaty, Germany had 99 members and, according to the new thresholds defined in the Lisbon Treaty, 96.

Last modified on January 27 2012.