Thinking of JOINING EPHA?

Then fill in and send us back the membership application form. Do not hesitate contacting the EPHA Secretariat for any questions or for help with the forms.

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS - What will EPHA membership provide?

Information on health issues, EU policy developments and:

- An Electronic Newsletter. On a monthly basis a newsletter is sent by e-mail. Regular features include recent EU policy developments, Secretariat News, members’ activities and forthcoming events on public health-related issues.

- Health Alerts. Short alerts are sent to members via e-mail whenever an important development on health-related EU policy takes place.

- ’Members Only’ section of Website. Apart from the information available to the general public on EPHA’s website, members have access to internal policy and strategy information on website pages, which are accessible only with a membership password.

- Newslists. Special briefings on particular subjects of interest to a certain group of members are provided via an electronic mailing list.

- Daily information help desk.


EPHA membership interacts, plans and coordinates actions via:

- Working Groups. In 2014, the active Working Groups are:

  • On Alcohol Policy
  • On Trade & Investement Agreements (e.g. Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - TTIP)
  • On Children’s Health
  • On Health Professionals
  • On Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)
  • On Pharmaceutical Policy
  • On Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and Maternal Health
  • On Health Professionals
  • On Tobacco Policy
  • On Research

These groups can be set up following members’ requests or at the suggestion of the secretariat.

- Policy Co-ordination Group. Monthly meeting in Brussels, open to all EPHA members. Contributions to the meeting are also received via e-mail. The aim of these meetings is to share information, discuss EU health policy developments and create policy positions and strategies for EPHA and its members. The minutes of these meetings are available on the "members only" section of the EPHA website.

- Seminars and training sessions organised by EPHA.

VISIBILITY in EU policy making circles

- EPHA website. Given its extensive use among those involved in health policy at EU level, including EU officials, the EPHA website enhances public visibility of our member organisations and activities.

Representation and participation at European and international fora:

- Access to EU decision makers and major players enhanced by the Brussels expertise of EPHA’s Secretariat.

- Representation by an EPHA staff person, EPHA President or Executive Committee member at many working groups, conferences, and meetings organised by the EU institutions.

- Membership in the Platform of European Social NGOs and the Civil Society Contact Group

- Co-operation with the World Health Organization.

- Ad hoc collaboration with NGOs involved in the environmental sector, consumer affairs, transport and so on, in areas affecting health.


EPHA membership fees are based on the income of the member organisation. Details are presented HERE.

Want to KNOW MORE?

Read an article by our former President, Andrew Hayes, on EPHA’s achievements in last ten years, or read what EPHA members think about our work: the European Heart Network for instance, or the Royal College of Nursing in the UK.

Contact details: Javier Delgado, EPHA Communications and Membership Coordinator,, Tel: + 32 2 233 38 76 .

Last modified on December 3 2014.