The STACS (Science, Technology and Civil Society) project brings together a consortium of six organisations coordinated by the Fondation Sciences Citoyennes (FSC).

The overarching aim of the project is to improve civil society involvement in research policy issues. To achieve this, the partners will explore the feasibility of future academia-civil society partnerships in different research areas and will look at ways to optimize the interaction between science dynamics and the needs and concerns of society.

As STACS partner, EPHA would help developing an interactive website to facilitate communication between civil society organisations and scientists on common research issues. EPHA would also take an active role in organising training sessions and workshops to brief NGOs on selected scientific issues and explore the possibilities for them to draft joint research projects with public research laboratories.

The STACS project was specifically planned and written for the call “Science and society: Bringing research closer to society” set out under the Sixth Framework Research Programme (FP6).

The results of the study would find full meaning in the development of further programmes within the Seventh Framework Research Programme (FP7).

- What role for civil society in research?

- Future EU research policy

Last modified on August 13 2007.